Helpmates - SuperProblem 2022 Informal Tourney - Коопматы


E1173version of E978
Menachem Witztum
SuperProblem, 01-01-2022
white Pc6f5f2 Ka3 Rg3 Sd1 Bg1 black Re8 Bf8 Pc7a5d5g5a4e4g4 Qg7 Sb6b4 Kd4
h#2.5b) Sb4<->bRe8(0+0)
Michal Dragoun
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
white Kg1 Rd7g4 Sf6 Pb5c2 black Ke5 Qh7 Rg5h4 Ba8f8 Sb8f5 Pc7d3g6h5
h#2.53 solutions(6+12)
Michal Dragoun
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
white Kd5 Bc3 Pd4 black Kd3 Qh2 Bd1e3 Sb2e8 Pc2c4d2d6d7f4f5
h#5one solution(3+13)
E1173 (solution | решение)

Menachem Witztum (Israel)4rb2/2p3q1/1nP5/p2p1Pp1/pn1kp1p1/K5R1/5P2/3N2B1

a) 1...Rg3-e3 2.Re8-e7 f2-f3 3.Sb4-d3 Re3*e4 # {,} b) bSb4<-->bRe8 1...Sd1-e3 2.Se8-d6 f2-f4 3.Rb4-c4 Se3-c2 #

Pre-closing of white and black line in each phase (author)
More economical version of the author's earlier work - E978 (director)

E1174 (solution | решение)

Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic)bn3b2/2pR3q/5Np1/1P2knrp/6Rr/3p4/2P5/6K1

1...Rg4-g3 2.Rh4-f4 Sf6-g4 + 3.Ke5-e4 c2*d3 # {,} 1...Sf6-e8 2.c7-c5 Rd7-e7 + 3.Ke5-d5 c2-c4 # {,} 1...Rd7*c7 2.Sf5-e3 Rg4*g5 + 3.Ke5-d4 c2-c3 #

Cyclic unguard of squares initially twice guarded by White, three mates by the same pawn (author)

E1175 (solution | решение)

Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic)4n3/3p4/3p4/3K1p2/2pP1p2/2Bkb3/1npp3q/3b4

1.Be3*d4 Bc3*d2 2.Bd4-e3 Bd2-c3 3.Be3-c1 Bc3*b2 4.Kd3-d2 Kd5-d4 5.Qh2-e2 Bb2-c3 #

Analogic manouevres in the play of both bishops and kings, switchbacks (white 2x), gate-opening for black bishop (author)

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János Csák
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
white Ka8 Rc8h3 Sf6g3 Bb1 black Bc7f3 Rd7e6 Pb6g6b3b2 Sc6 Qc4 Kc3
János Csák
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
black Sh1d1 Pe6e5c5d4e3d2 Rf2f1 Bc1a6 Kc2 white Ka4 Pd3e4g2g5 Rg7 Bh7
h#3b) Kc2->g1(7+13)
János Csák
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
black Sc1 Rc7a3 Bb7b6 Pb4e2h3g5g6f6d6 Kf1 white Kd8 Sg2 Pf4d4d5 Ba7a8 Rb8
h#3.5b) Pf4->f5 (8+13)
E1176 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)K1R5/2br4/1pn1rNp1/8/2q5/1pk2bNR/1p6/1B6

1.Bc7-e5 Sg3-f5 2.Sc6-b4 + Sf6-e4 # {(MM),} 1.Bc7-d6 Sg3-f1 2.Sc6-d4 + Sf6-d5 # {(MM)}
E1177 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)8/6RB/b3p3/2p1p1P1/K2pP3/3Pp3/2kp1rP1/2bn1r1n

a) 1.Ba6*d3 {! (Bb7?)} Rg7-b7 2.Bd3*e4 Rb7-b3 3.Be4-d3 Bh7*d3 # {,} b) bKc2-->g1 1.Rf2*g2 {! (Rf5?)} Bh7-f5 2.Rg2*g5 Bf5-h3 3.Rg5-g2 Rg7*g2 #
E1178 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)BR1K4/Bbr5/1b1p1pp1/3P2p1/1p1P1P2/r6p/4p1N1/2n2k2

a) 1...f4*g5 2.Bb7*d5 {(A)} Ba8*d5 3.Bb6*d4 {(B)} Rb8*b4 4.Bd4-c3 Rb4-f4 # {,} b) wPf4-->f5 1...f5*g6 2.Bb6*d4 {(B)} Ba7*d4 3.Bb7*d5 {(A)} Rb8-b5 4.Bd5-b3 Rb5-f5 #
Yuri Gorbatenko
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
black Bd6g8 Rh5d8 Qd2 Kd5 Pd4c3b7a7 white Se5e6 Kg1 Pa2
h#3b) Pd4->d3 (4+10)
Evgeny Gavryliv
SuperProblem, 03-01-2022
black Ba3h1 Pc2h5b6 Rh4 Kf5 Sf6 white Bc1a2 Sg4c4 Ka4 Pg5d5 Ra5
Aleksandr Pankratiev & Evgeny Gavryliv
SuperProblem, 03-01-2022
white Kd8 Ra7 Be8 Pg5e6f4e3c4c6e5 Sg2 black Bb7 Rg6c1 Kd1 Pc2b3a4c5e7 Sa6
E1179 (solution | решение)

Yuri Gorbatenko (Russia)3r2b1/pp6/3bN3/3kN2r/3p4/2p5/P2q4/6K1

a) 1.b7-b6 Se6-c7 + 2.Kd5-c5 a2-a4 3.Bg8-d5 Sc7-a6 # {(MM),} b) bPd4-->d3 1.b7-b5 Se5-c6 2.Kd5-c4 a2-a3 3.Rh5-d5 Sc6-a5 # {(MM)}

Одиночная аванта белой и чёрной пешек, блокирования, правильные маты (автор)

Mutual pawn double-step with distant self-blocks in the play of BP, flight-giving with gate-opening in W1, self-blocks of BK's departure square by different black officers involving BB-FML, reciprocally changed functions of wSs, model mates (director)

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E1180 (solution | решение)

Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)8/8/1p3n2/R2P1kPp/K1N3Nr/b7/B1p5/2B4b

1.Sf6*d5 Sg4-e5 {display-departure-file} 2.Sd5-b4 Sc4-d6 # {,} 1.Bh1*d5 Sc4-e5 {display-departure-file} 2.Bd5-e4 Sg4-h6 #

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E1181 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia) and Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)3KB3/Rb2p3/n1P1P1r1/2p1P1P1/p1P2P2/1p2P3/2p3N1/2rk4

1.Bb7*c6 Be8*g6 2.Bc6-f3 Bg6-h5 3.Bf3-e2 Ra7-d7 # {,} 1.Rg6*e6 Ra7*b7 2.Re6-d6 + Rb7-d7 3.Rd6-d2 Be8-h5 #

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A. Pankratiev, E.Gavryliv, Y. Bilokin
SuperProblem, 31-01-2022
Solution | Решение

1...Bf3*g4 2.Sh2-f3 Rf4*e4 + 3.Kd4*e4 Bg4-h5 4.Ba1-d4 Bh5*f3 # {,
 } 1...Rf4*g4 2.Qf7-d5 Rg4*h4 3.Sh2-g4 Bf3*e4 4.Kd4*e4 Rh4*g4 #

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black Bf1a1 Sh2f5 Pe3g4e4e5h6 Rh4 Kd4 Qf7 white Pe2g3 Bf3 Rf4 Kh8
h#3.52 solutions(5+12)
E1182See also version E1182a
Aleksandr Pankratiev & Evgeny Gavryliv
SuperProblem, 05-01-2022
white Kh1 Pe2g3 Bf3 Rf4 black Bf1a1 Sh2f5 Rg2h4 Ph3e3g4e4e5 Kd4 Qa8
h#3.52 solutions(5+13)
Béla Majoros
SuperProblem, 05-01-2022
black Pe6e5f3 Kd5 Bb4 Rc2 white Ra4 Ka1 Bb1
h#2b) Kd5->e3(3+6)
Béla Majoros
SuperProblem, 20-01-2022
white Kg3 Be1 Rb7 black Pc4 Sc5 Kd5 Rd7 Qe4
h#2.52 solutions(3+5)
E1182 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia) and Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)q7/8/8/4pn2/3kpRpr/4pBPp/4P1rn/b4b1K See also version E1182a

1...Bf3*g4 2.Sh2-f3 Rf4*e4 + 3.Kd4*e4 Bg4-h5 4.Ba1-d4 Bh5*f3 # {,} 1...Rf4*g4 2.Qa8-d5 Rg4*h4 3.Sh2-g4 Bf3*e4 4.Kd4*e4 Rh4*g4 #

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E1183 (solution | решение)

Béla Majoros (Hungary)8/8/4p3/3kp3/Rb6/5p2/2r5/KB6

a) 1.Bb4-d6 Ra4-b4 {! (tempo)} 2.Rc2-c5 Bb1-e4 # {,} b) bKd5-->e3 1.Rc2-f2 Bb1-c2 {! (tempo)} 2.Bb4-d2 Ra4-e4 #

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E1184 (solution | решение)

Béla Majoros (Hungary)8/1R1r4/8/2nk4/2p1q3/6K1/8/4B3

1...Be1-a5 2.Kd5-c6 Ba5-d8 3.Qe4-d5 Rb7-b6 # {(MM),} 1...Rb7-b3 2.Kd5-d4 Rb3-f3 3.Rd7-d5 Be1-c3 # {(MM)}

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Mirko Degenkolbe
SuperProblem, 06-01-2022
white Pe6e5d4c3d3e2g3 Bf3 Ke1 black Pe7 Ke3
h#4.52 solutions(9+2)
Anton Bidleň
SuperProblem, 12-01-2022
white Be1 Kc1 Pd2 black Pd3e4b4e5 Kg5
h#7one solution(3+5)
E1187dedicated to Rolf Wiehagen - 75
Mirko Degenkolbe & Steven B. Dowd
SuperProblem, 19-01-2022
white Kh1 Bf1 Pg2e2c2a4a5c5d6e5 black Bh2 Pd7c6a6g3e3e6 Sb8 Ka8
h#17.5one solution(10+9)
E1185 (solution | решение)

Mirko Degenkolbe (Germany)8/4p3/4P3/4P3/3P4/2PPkBP1/4P3/4K3

1...Ke1-d1 {! (Kf1?)} 2.Ke3-f2 e2-e4 3.Kf2-e3 Kd1-c1 4.Ke3*d3 Kc1-b2 5.Kd3-c4 Bf3-e2 # {,} 1...g3-g4 {! (c4?)} 2.Ke3-f4 g4-g5 3.Kf4-f5 Bf3-c6 4.Kf5*e6 Bc6-d7 + 5.Ke6-d5 e2-e4 #

When looking at the problem, one recognizes a "not quite healthy" fir-tree. However, if one deepens a little bit into the position, one recognizes after a while that the last black move must have been Kf4-e3. So if we look more accurate this position before the last move, which has been done by black, then one recognizes that there is a completely "healthy" and beautiful "grown" Christmas tree on the board (author)

E1186 (solution | решение)

Anton Bidleň (Slovakia)8/8/8/4p1k1/1p2p3/3p4/3P4/2K1B3

1.b4-b3 Kc1-b1 {!} 2.b3-b2 Kb1-a2 3.b2-b1=S Ka2-b3 4.Sb1-c3 d2*c3 5.Kg5-f4 c3-c4 6.Kf4-e3 Be1-a5 7.Ke3-d4 Ba5-b6 # {(IM)}

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E1187 (solution | решение)

Mirko Degenkolbe (Germany) and Steven B. Dowd (USA) dedicated to Rolf Wiehagen - 75kn6/3p4/p1pPp3/P1P1P3/P7/4p1p1/2P1P1Pb/5B1K

1...c2-c3 {! (c4?)} 2.Bh2-g1 Kh1*g1 3.Ka8-b7 Kg1-h1 4.Kb7-c8 Kh1-g1 5.Kc8-d8 Kg1-h1 6.Kd8-e8 Kh1-g1 7.Ke8-f7 Kg1-h1 8.Kf7-g6 Kh1-g1 9.Kg6-f5 Kg1-h1 10.Kf5-e4 {(Kxe5?)} Kh1-g1 11.Ke4-d5 Kg1-h1 12.Kd5*c5 Kh1-g1 13.Kc5-d5 Kg1-h1 14.c6-c5 Kh1-g1 15.Sb8-c6 Kg1-h1 16.Sc6-d4 Kh1-g1 17.Sd4*e2 + {! (Sf3+?)} Bf1*e2 18.Kd5-c6 Be2-f3 # {MM}

White choice in the key and black choice in the 10th move. The sacrificial move of black Knight: 17.Sf3+? gxf3 18.Kc6 Lg2#?? fails because the white Pawn stands in the way of his Bishop. Instead, there is a mate in the reciprocal field cast in the required traits number, ie: 17.Sxe2+! Bxe2 18.Kc6 Bf3# (authors)

I think the try 17.Sf3+? is pointless since the mate Lg2#?? fails not because that wP stands on the way of wB (after gxf3) but because the square g2 is occupied by another wP. Compare to | сравните с: yacpdb/67878 (director)

Evgeny Gavryliv
SuperProblem, 31-01-2022
white Sc1h6 Pd2h4g4d5f7 Ka3 Ra4f8 Bd6a8 black Ba2 Kf3 Pg6 Qh7
Zlatko Mihajloski
SuperProblem, 05-02-2022
white Kh1 Bf1 black Qe2 Kc4 Sa5 Pb7 Ra7
h#6.5one solution(2+5)
Mirko Degenkolbe & Udo Degener
SuperProblem, 06-02-2022
white Kd1 Pc2 Bb1 black Re2g2 Se1f1 Kh1 Qg1 Bh2 Pg3f3f2e3d2d3b2b3
h#8one solution(3+15)
E1188 (solution | решение)

Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)B4R2/5P1q/3B2pN/3P4/R5PP/K4k2/b2P4/2N5

1.Ba2*d5 Ra4-e4 2.Bd5*f7 Re4-e2 # {,} 1.Qh7*f7 Sh6-f5 2.Qf7*d5 Sf5-e3 #

Probably, a mutual Leibovici interference is a new feature in this well-known self-pin mechanism (author)

В известном механизме самозвязывания черных фигур дополнительно представлено взаимное перекрытие линейных черных фигур по Лейбовичи (автор)

Compare to | сравните с: P0535113, P1242163 (director)

E1189 (solution | решение)

Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia)8/rp6/8/n7/2k5/8/4q3/5B1K

1...Kh1-g1 2.Qe2-d3 {!} Kg1-g2 {!(Kf2?)} 3.Kc4-b5 Kg2-f2 4.Qd3-c4 {!} Kf2-e3 5.Qc4-e2 + {!} Ke3-d4 6.Kb5-a6 Kd4-c5 7.Qe2-b5 + Bf1*b5 #

Linear cycle, pseudo Bristol b/KQ, sacrificial clearance, wK tempo, ideal mate (author)

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E1190 (solution | решение)

Mirko Degenkolbe and Udo Degener (Germany)8/8/8/8/8/1p1pppp1/1pPprprb/1B1Knnqk

1.d3*c2+ Bb1*c2 2.Se1-d3 Bc2*b3 3.Re2-e1+ Kd1-c2 4.e3-e2 Kc2*d3 5.Sf1-e3 Kd3*e3 6.Qg1-f1 Ke3*f3 7.Rg2-g1 Kf3-g4 8.Kh1-g2 Bb3-d5#

B-B FML (d3-e1-e2-e3-f1-g1-g2)

Alberto Armeni
SuperProblem, 06-02-2022
white Bg6 Re1 Se4 Kh1 Pg5 black Pf2e6 Re3 Kh3 Sh8
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 16-02-2022
white Pf2g2 Kb8 Bb1 black Pa7b2 Ka1
h#5.52 solutions(4+3)
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 18-02-2022
white Kg1 Pd2 black Kh8 Sg8h7 Bh1 Ph3g3g2e5a7
h#6.52 solutions(2+9)
E1191 (solution | решение)

Alberto Armeni (Italy)7n/8/4p1B1/6P1/4N3/4r2k/5p2/4R2K

1.Re3*e4 Bg6-h5 2.Re4-h4 Re1-e3 # {,} 1.f2*e1=B Bg6-f7 2.Be1-h4 Bf7*e6 # {,} 1.Sh8*g6 Re1-g1 2.Sg6-h4 Se4*f2 #

Cyclic Zilahi (author)

Compare to | сравните с: yacpdb/104285, yacpdb/407934, yacpdb/433416, P1368955 (director)

E1192 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)1K6/p7/8/8/8/8/1p3PP1/kB6

1...f2-f4 2.a7-a5 f4-f5 3.a5-a4 f5-f6 4.a4-a3 f6-f7 5.a3-a2 f7-f8=Q 6.a2*b1=R Qf8-a3 # {,
 } 1...g2-g4 2.a7-a6 g4-g5 3.a6-a5 g5-g6 4.a5-a4 g6-g7 5.a4-a3 g7-g8=Q 6.a3-a2 Qg8*a2 #

Compare to | сравните с: P1182652 (director)

E1193 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)6nk/p6n/8/4p3/8/6pp/3P2p1/6Kb

1...d2-d3 2.e5-e4 d3-d4 3.e4-e3 d4-d5 4.e3-e2 d5-d6 5.e2-e1=B d6-d7 6.Be1-c3 d7-d8=S 7.Bc3-g7 Sd8-f7 # {display-departure-square} {,
 } 1...d2-d4 2.a7-a5 d4*e5 3.a5-a4 e5-e6 4.a4-a3 e6-e7 5.a3-a2 e7-e8=S 6.a2-a1=B Se8-d6 7.Ba1-g7 Sd6-f7 # {display-departure-square}

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Krzysztof Drążkowski
SuperProblem, 19-02-2022
white Bf8d3 Ke2 Rf6 black Kd5 Ba2e5 Rd4g4
Kabe Moen
SuperProblem, 23-02-2022
black Rd3 Pe6 Kd5 white Kg5 Bg8 Rd1 Pc3
János Csák
SuperProblem, 12-03-2022
white Sb8 Rb6 Bg4 Pb3f3 Kg1 black Qa7 Rg7f6 Pd6a4c4d3 Ke6 Sf5d1
h#2.52 solutions(6+10)
E1194 (solution | решение)

Krzysztof Drążkowski (Poland)5B2/8/5R2/3kb3/3r2r1/3B4/b3K3/8

1.Ba2-b1 Bd3-g6 2.Bb1-e4 Bg6-f7 # {,} 1.Rg4-g6 Rf6-c6 2.Rg6-e6 Rc6-c5 #

Probably a Letztform. Compare to | сравните с: P0539695, P1099374 (director)

E1195 (solution | решение)

Kabe Moen (USA)6B1/8/4p3/3k2K1/8/2Pr4/8/3R4

1.Kd5-e4 Rd1*d3 2.e6-e5 Bg8-h7 # {,} 1.Kd5-e5 Bg8*e6 2.Rd3-d6 Rd1-e1 #

Chumakov theme in miniature (author)

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E1196 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)1N6/q5r1/1R1pkr2/5n2/p1p3B1/1P1p1P2/8/3n2K1

1...f3-f4 2.Rg7-e7 Bg4-e2 3.d3-d2 Be2*c4 # {,} 1...b3*c4 2.Qa7-f7 Rb6-b1 3.Sd1-b2 Rb1-e1 #
Vitaly Medintsev & Anatoly Skripnik
SuperProblem, 13-03-2022
white Kb8 Pe6a2e2 Sf4 Bg4 Rh4 black Be8 Rf8g7 Pc5f5g5 Kc4
E1198Возьмёмся за руки друзья!
V. Nefyodov (dedicated to W. Tura - 80)
SuperProblem, 14-03-2022
white Ka8 Sg7 Rg6 Pc4f4 black Bh7 Pc6e3 Ke4
h#3b) Pc6->d4(5+4)
E1199dedicated to L. Togookhuu - 75
Yuri Gorbatenko & Vladislav Nefyodov
SuperProblem, 18-03-2022
white Kh8 Be4d4 black Pa6a7c7d6f5g3 Bh3a1 Re5b2 Kb5
E1197 (solution | решение)

Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) and Anatoly Skripnik (Russia)1K2br2/6r1/4P3/2p2pp1/2k2NBR/8/P3P3/8

1.f5*g4 Sf4-d5 2.Rf8-f3 Sd5-c7 3.Rf3-c3 {display-departure-square} Rh4*g4 # {,} 1.g5*f4 Bg4-f3 2.Rg7-g3 Bf3-c6 3.Rg3-c3 {display-departure-square} Rh4*f4 #
E1198 (solution | решение)

Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia) dedicated to Waldemar Tura - 80K7/6Nb/2p3R1/8/2P1kP2/4p3/8/8

a) 1.Bh7-g8 Sg7-f5 2.Bg8*c4 Rg6-e6 + 3.Ke4-d5 Re6-e5 # {,} b) bPc6-->d4 1.Ke4-f3 Rg6-f6 2.Bh7-d3 Sg7-e6 3.Kf3-e4 Se6-g5 #

Тема: «Две разноходящие белые фигуры делают ходы «взявшись за руки». То есть белые фигуры не отходят друг от друга далее, чем на соседние поля» (автор)

Not participates in the tourney | вне конкурса (directior)

E1199 (solution | решение)

Yuri Gorbatenko (Russia) and Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia) dedicated to Lkhundevin Togookhuu - 757K/p1p5/p2p4/1k2rp2/3BB3/6pb/1r6/b7

1.Re5-d5 Be4-f3 {! (Bxf5?)} 2.Kb5-c6 Bf3-h5 3.Rb2-b7 Bh5-e8 # {,} 1.c7-c5 Bd4-e3 {! (Bxe5?)} 2.Kb5-b6 Be3-g5 3.Rb2-b5 Bg5-d8 #
Miodrag Mladenović
SuperProblem, 18-03-2022
black Rb1 Pg5g3f2d3d4 Bh4 Kf3 Qg8 white Bf1 Sc5b7 Kc6
Béla Majoros
SuperProblem, 23-03-2022
white Pc5b4b5f3 Sd8a7 Kh5 black Qa8 Pb7d7 Ba5 Kd5
Zlatko Mihajloski
SuperProblem, 25-03-2022
white Kh1 Bg2 black Kf5 Be6 Pc7 Rb8a8
h#6one solution(2+5)
E1200 (solution | решение)

Miodrag Mladenović (Serbia)6q1/1N6/2K5/2N3p1/3p3b/3p1kp1/5p2/1r3B2

1.Rb1-e1 Sc5*d3 {(A)} 2.Re1-e3 Bf1-e2 + {(B)} 3.Kf3-e4 Sb7-d6 # {(C),} 1.Kf3-f4 Bf1-e2 {(B)} 2.f2-f1=S Sb7-d6 {(C)} 3.Sf1-e3 Sc5*d3 # {(A),} 1.Qg8-e6 + Sb7-d6 {(C)} 2.Qe6-h3 Sc5*d3 {(A)} 3.Kf3-g4 Bf1-e2 # {(B)}

3-fold cycle of White's moves. Model mates (author)

NOTE: This problem was composed for "30th Branko Atanackovic MT" solving tournament (see yacpdb/562594). But according to the rules it's OK to publish problem as original within one year of the competition.

Compare to | сравните с: P0504238, P0504262, P0504251 (director)

E1201 (solution | решение)

Béla Majoros (Hungary)q2N4/Np1p4/8/bPPk3K/1P6/5P2/8/8

1.Ba5-b6 Sd8-c6 2.Qa8-g8 Sa7-c8 3.Qg8-e6 Sc8*b6 # {(MM),} 1.Ba5-c7 Sa7-c6 2.Qa8-a2 Sd8-e6 3.Qa2-c4 Se6*c7 # {(MM)}

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E1202 (solution | решение)

Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia)rr6/2p5/4b3/5k2/8/8/6B1/7K

1.Rb8-e8 Bg2-b7 2.Ra8-d8 Kh1-g2 3.Be6-c8 Kg2-f3 4.Kf5-e6 Kf3-e4 5.Ke6-d7 + Ke4-d5 6.Re8-e7 Bb7-c6 #

Bristol (bR-bR), pseudo Bristol (bB-bK, wB-wK), ideal mate, minature (author)

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Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 08-04-2022
white Pf2 Kh6 Sf8f7 black Rb1 Ka1
h#5.5one solution(4+2)
Nikolaj Zujev
SuperProblem, 09-04-2022
black Be4 Rd5b3 Pc3 Kc4 white Sf3c6 Ka7
h#2b) -Pc3 (3+5)
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 10-04-2022
white Kd3 Pe4 Rh5 Bf8 black Sd6d5 Kc5
h#2.5b) bSd6=bRd6(3+4)
E1203 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)5N2/5N2/7K/8/8/8/5P2/kr6

1...f2-f4 2.Rb1-b7 f4-f5 3.Rb7*f7 f5-f6 4.Rf7*f8 f6-f7 5.Rf8-b8 f7-f8=Q 6.Rb8-b1 Qf8-a3 #

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E1204 (solution | решение)

Nikolaj Zujev (Lithuania)8/K7/2N5/3r4/2k1b3/1rp2N2/8/8

a) 1.Rd5-c5 Ka7-a6 2.Be4-d5 Sf3-e5 # {,} b) -bPc3 1.Rb3-c3 Ka7-b6 2.Be4-d3 Sf3-d2 #

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E1205 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)5B2/8/3n4/2kn3R/4P3/3K4/8/8

a) 1...Rh5-h7 2.Sd5-b6 Rh7-e7 3.Sd6-b5 Re7-c7 # {,} b) bRd6 1...Bf8-h6 2.Rd6-c6 Bh6-g5 3.Sd5-b6 Bg5-e7 #

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Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 11-04-2022
Solution | Решение

1.Qb6*c7 b7-b8=Q 2.Qc7-g7 {display-departure-square} Qb8-h2 # {,
 } 1.Qb6*b7 c7-c8=Q 2.Qb7-g7 {display-departure-square} Qc8-h3 #

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white Ra7 Pb7c7 Ka3 black Pg6 Bg8 Kh7 Qb6
E1206See also version E1206a
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 11-04-2022
white Pb7d7 Ra7 Kh1 black Sg7c5 Kh7 Bg8 Pg6 Ra5
Nikolaj Zujev
SuperProblem, 20-04-2022
white Rf4 Pd2 Kh1 black Ra8 Bb8c8 Pa7b7d3f2h3 Kd5
h#5one solution(3+9)
Vitaly Medintsev
SuperProblem, 21-04-2022
white Bf1g7 Kc1 Re2h7 Pb4 black Bf3h8 Rg6 Kc6 Pa6 Qa7 Sd8
h#2b) +bPe4(6+7)
E1206 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)6b1/RP1P2nk/6p1/r1n5/8/8/8/7K See also version E1206a

1.Sc5*d7 b7-b8=Q 2.Sd7-c5 {display-departure-square} Qb8-h2 # {,} 1.Sc5*b7 d7-d8=Q 2.Sb7-c5 {display-departure-square} Qd8-h4 #

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E1207 (solution | решение)

Nikolaj Zujev (Lithuania)rbb5/pp6/8/3k4/5R2/3p3p/3P1p2/7K

1.Bc8-g4 Rf4-f8 2.Kd5-e4 Rf8*b8 3.Ke4-f3 Rb8*b7 4.Ra8-f8 Rb7-e7 5.Rf8-f4 Re7-e3 # {(MM)}

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E1208 (solution | решение)

Vitaly Medintsev (Russia)3n3b/q5BR/p1k3r1/8/1P6/5b2/4R3/2K2B2

a) 1.Kc6-d6 Bf1-g2 {!} 2.Bf3-b7 Bg7-f8 # {,} b) +bPe4 1.Kc6-d5 Rh7-h6 {!} 2.Rg6-b6 Re2-d2 #

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Zlatko Mihajloski & Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 03-05-2022
Solution | Решение

1...d7*c8=Q 2.Kh4-g3 Qc8*f5 3.Kg3-h2 Qf5-h3 # {
 } 1...g2-g3 + 2.Kh4-h3 d7-d8=Q 3.Rg1-g2 Qd8-h4 # {
 } 1...g2-g4 2.Rc8-e8 d7*e8=Q 3.Rg1-g3 Qe8-h5 #

Promotions to wQ, model chameleon echo-mates (authors)

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black Rg1c8 Pd3f5 Kh4 white Pg2d7 Kd6
h#2.53 solutions(3+5)
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 22-04-2022
white Pg6c6b7 Kh5 Ra7 black Bf6e6 Re8 Pg7 Qd7 Ke7 Sf8d6
E1210See also version E1210a
Zlatko Mihajloski
SuperProblem, 22-04-2022
black Rg1e3 Kh4 white Pg2d7 Kc4
h#2.52 solutions(3+3)
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 02-05-2022
black Pe5 Bd5 Kd4 white Kf2 Bc4 Pf6e6c6e4b2b3
h#2.5b) wPe6=bPe6(8+3)
E1209 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)4rn2/RP1qk1p1/2PnbbP1/7K/8/8/8/8

1.Sd6-f7 b7-b8=Q 2.Sf7-d8 {display-departure-square} Qb8-b4 # {,} 1.Sd6*b7 c6-c7 2.Sb7-d8 {display-departure-square} c7-c8=S # {,} 1.Qd7*c6 b7-b8=S + 2.Qc6-d7 Sb8-c6 #
E1210 (solution | решение)

Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia)8/3P4/8/8/2K4k/4r3/6P1/6r1 See also version E1210a

1...g2-g3 + 2.Kh4-h3 d7-d8=Q 3.Rg1-g2 Qd8-h4 # {,} 1...g2-g4 2.Re3-e8 d7*e8=Q 3.Rg1-g3 Qe8-h5 #

Promotions to wQ, self-blocks, model chameleon echo-mates (author)

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E1211 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)8/8/2P1PP2/3bp3/2BkP3/1P6/1P3K2/8

a) 1...c6-c7 2.Bd5*e6 {! tempo (2.Bxc4? c8=Q 3.?? Qxc4#??)} c7-c8=Q 3.Be6*c4 Qc8*c4 # {,
   } b) bPe6 1...f6-f7 2.Bd5*c6 {! tempo (2.Bxe4? f8=S 3.?? Sxe6#??)} f7-f8=S 3.Bc6*e4 Sf8*e6 #

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Dmitri Turevski
SuperProblem, 19-05-2022
white Bd7 Sf8 Kd8 black Kh8 Bb8 Qa8
h#4one solution(3+3)
Gennady Ignatenko
SuperProblem, 24-05-2022
white Kg2 Sf2 Pe2 Qf6 black Pc2e3c3c4h5f5d6e7 Rh3f3 Qh4 Kf4 Bd5h8 Se6
E1214Dedicated to my grandson Artem
Vladislav Nefyodov
SuperProblem, 26-05-2022
white Pe4 Rd4 Bb4 Kf5 black Pg5g7c7 Re6 Bc6 Kb6
E1212 (solution | решение)

Dmitri Turevski (Russia)qb1K1N1k/3B4/8/8/8/8/8/8

1.Bb8-f4 + Kd8-e7 2.Bf4-h6 Sf8-h7 {!} 3.Kh8*h7 Ke7-f7 4.Qa8-h8 Bd7-f5 #
E1213 (solution | решение)

Gennady Ignatenko (Russia)7b/4p3/3pnQ2/3b1p1p/2p2k1q/2p1pr1r/2p1PNK1/8

1.e3*f2 e2-e4 2.Rf3-e3 Qf6*f5 # {,} 1.Qh4*f6 e2*f3 2.Qf6-e5 Sf2*h3 #

2 flight-giving key, Zilahi (author)
Предоставление двух полей чёрному королю, Зилахи (автор)

E1214 (solution | решение)

Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia) Посвящается моему внуку Артёму на 7-летие! За победу в турнире (классика) и в конкурсе решений мемориала А. П. Осачука, г. Анапа 30.04. – 05.05.2022 по своему возрасту.8/2p3p1/1kb1r3/5Kp1/1B1RP3/8/8/8

{B ->} 1...Bb4-f8 2.Re6-e7 Rd4-b4 + 3.Kb6-c5 Bf8*e7 # {,
    W ->} 1...Re6-e8 2.Bb4-e7 Bc6*e4 + 3.Kf5-e5 Re8*e7 #

Function exchange: bBc6/wRd4 (passive self-block/active guard-flights), wBb4/bRe6 (Zilahi + Maslar). Diagonal-orthogonal model mates with roentgen support through the kings! (author)

Перемена функций: bBc6/wRd4 (пассивное блокирование/активный подхват полей), wBb4/bRe6 (Зилахиi + Маслар). Диагонально-ортогональные правильные маты с поддержкой задней фигуры рентгеном через королей (автор)

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Not participates in the tourney | вне конкурса (directior)

Ioannis Kalkavouras
SuperProblem, 04-06-2022
black Bf1c1 Rb1h4 Sa1c2 Pd2 Kd4 Qe5 white Sf2 Rc3 Ka4 Bd5 Pd7
h#2b) Sf2->g7(5+9)
E1216Valery Gurov, Georgy Evseev,
Vitaly Medintsev, Anatoly Skripnik
SuperProblem, 08-06-2022
white Rc4 Ba1a8 Pc2b5 Kb3 black Qb6 Rc6h4 Bc1e8 Sb2 Pe3e4e5c5e6 Kf5
h#3.5b) wRc4 = wSc4(6+12)
Araz Almammadov
SuperProblem, 20-06-2022
white Ka1 Pd2c2g3h4b5c6 Qd7 black Bg2 Sh3d6 Pe3c3 Rg5 Kd5
E1215 (solution | решение)

Ioannis Kalkavouras (Greece)8/3P4/8/3Bq3/K2k3r/2R5/2np1N2/nrb2b2

a) 1.Kd4*c3 + Bd5-c4 2.Kc3-b2 Sf2-d1 # {,} b) wSf2-->g7 1.Kd4*d5 + Rc3-c4 2.Kd5-d6 d7-d8=Q #

BK moves only × 2, exchange of functions (wRc3/wBd5, Captured / Guard + Interfering), play on the same square in W1 (author)

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E1216 (solution | решение)

Valery Gurov, Georgy Evseev, Vitaly Medintsev, Anatoly Skripnik (Russia)B3b3/8/1qr1p3/1Pp1pk2/2R1p2r/1K2p3/1nP5/B1b5

a) 1...Rc4*e4 2.Sb2-d3 {! (Kxe4?)} Ba1-d4 {!} 3.Kf5*e4 Ba8*c6 + 4.Ke4*d4 c2-c3 # {,
   } b) wSc4 1...Sc4*e5 2.Rc6-d6 {! (Kxe5?)} Ba8-d5 {!} 3.Kf5*e5 Ba1*b2 + 4.Ke5*d5 c2-c4 #

11 WCCT theme, subtle motivation of B2/B3 move order (authors)

Тема 11 WCCT, тонкая мотивация порядка 2-3 ходов черных (авторы)

E1217 (solution | решение)

Araz Almammadov (Azerbaijan)8/3Q4/2Pn4/1P1k2r1/7P/2p1p1Pn/2PP2b1/K7

1.Kd5-c4 Qd7*d6 2.Rg5*b5 d2-d3 # {,} 1.Kd5-d4 Qd7-e6 2.Rg5-c5 d2*e3 # {(MM),} 1.Kd5-c5 d2*c3 2.Bg2*c6 Qd7*c6 # {,} 1.Kd5-e5 h4*g5 2.Sd6-e4 d2-d4 # {(MM)}

Albino, Feather maneuver (author)

János Csák
SuperProblem, 22-06-2022
white Ra1 Sc2d3 Kg6 black Pf2f3 Ke4 Sb8 Ra8
h#22.1.. b) Pf3->d5 2.1..(4+5)
János Csák
SuperProblem, 22-06-2022
white Sf8 Ke4 black Qh8 Rg7f5 Bh7a5 Sc6a2 Pc5g5b4b3f3h3d2e2 Kb2
h#3.5b) Kb2->d1, c) Sf8->g8(2+16)
Miroslav Svítek
SuperProblem, 01-07-2022
white Kg2 Pe4 Bg8 black Pg3g4h5g5h7g7 Rh4 Se7 Bf8 Ke8
h#3b) bRh4 = wRh4 (3+10)
E1218 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)rn6/8/6K1/8/4k3/3N1p2/2N2p2/R7

a1) 1.Sb8-c6 Ra1-a4 + 2.Sc6-d4 Ra4*d4 # {, a2)} 1.Ra8-a5 Sd3-f4 2.Ra5-e5 Ra1-a4 # {
   } b1) bPf3-->d5 1.f2-f1=R Sd3-e5 2.Rf1-f4 Ra1-e1 # {, b2)} 1.f2-f1=S Ra1-e1 + 2.Sf1-e3 Re1*e3 #
E1219 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)5N1q/6rb/2n5/b1p2rp1/1p2K3/1p3p1p/nk1pp3/8

a) 1...Sf8-e6 2.Kb2-c3 Se6*g7 3.Kc3-c4 Sg7-e8 4.Qh8-c3 Se8-d6 # {,
   } b) bKb2-->d1 1...Sf8*h7 2.Sa2-c1 Sh7-f6 3.Qh8-h4 + Sf6-g4 4.Qh4-e1 Sg4-e3 # {,
   } c) wSf8-->g8 1...Sg8-e7 2.Kb2-a3 Se7*c6 3.Qh8-e8 + Sc6-e5 4.Qe8-a4 Se5-c4 #
E1220 (solution | решение)

Miroslav Svítek (Czech Republic)4kbB1/4n1pp/8/6pp/4P1pr/6p1/6K1/8

a) 1.Rh4-h1 e4-e5 2.Rh1-d1 e5-e6 3.Rd1-d8 Bg8-f7 # {(MM),} b) wRh4 1.g7-g6 Rh4-h1 2.Bf8-g7 Rh1-d1 3.Ke8-f8 Rd1-d8 # {(MM)}

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E1221ded. to the TT-265 participants
Misha Shapiro & Menachem Witztum
SuperProblem, 29-07-2022
black Rf1h5 Sd1d8 Bf2b7 Pc2b2a2h3a3d4e5 Qf3 Kc3 white Ph2d6 Re4 Kc5 Sc6
h#2b)-d) Kc3->d2,g5,c8(5+15)
Dmitri Turevski
SuperProblem, 10-08-2022
black Bc1g8 Pa3a5a6 Kc4 white Pd2a2 Ka4 Qd7
Zoran Gavrilovski
SuperProblem, 14-08-2022
black Pd5f4b5 Re7h6 Qh5 Kg4 Sg3b3 Bf3f2 white Rc5 Bc6 Kb6
E1221 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro and Menachem Witztum (Israel) dedicated to the TT-265 participants3n4/1b6/2NP4/2K1p2r/3pR3/p1k2q1p/ppp2b1P/3n1r2

a) 1.Kc3-b3 Re4*d4 2.Sd1-c3 Sc6-a5 # {(Rb4#??),} b) bKc3-->d2 1.Qf3-e2 Sc6*d4 2.Kd2-e1 Re4*e2 # {(Sd4-f3#??),} c) bKc3-->g5 1.Qf3-g4 Sc6*e5 2.Kg5-h4 Re4*g4 # {(Se5-f3#??),} d) bKc3-->c8 1.Kc8-d7 Re4*e5 2.Bb7-c8 Sc6-b8 # {(Re7#??)}

SuperProblem TT-265 theme

E1222 (solution | решение)

Dmitri Turevski (Russia)6b1/3Q4/p7/p7/K1k5/p7/P2P4/2b5

1.Bg8-f7 {! tempo} Qd7-h3 {(Qg7??)} 2.Bf7-d5 Qh3-c3 # {display-departure-square} 1.Bg8-e6 {! tempo} Qd7-g7 {(Qh3??)} 2.Be6-d5 Qg7-c3 # {display-departure-square} {,
 } 1.Bc1-b2 Qd7-d6 2.Bb2-c3 d2-d3 # {,} 1.Kc4-c5 Ka4*a5 2.Bg8-c4 d2-d4 #

HOTF 2x2. In the 1st pair, we have Hesitation with dual avoidance, in the 2nd pair - Chameleon echo mates (author)

E1223 (solution | решение)

Zoran Gavrilovski (North Macedonia)8/4r3/1KB4r/1pRp3q/5pk1/1n3bn1/5b2/8

1.Bf3-e2 Kb6-a6 2.Kg4-f3 Rc5*d5 3.Qh5-g4 Rd5-d3 # {,} 1.Qh5-h4 Kb6*b5 2.Kg4-h5 Bc6*d5 3.Bf3-g4 Bd5-f7 #

Black square vacation (2 x 2) with self-blocks (twice on g4 at the B3 move), indirect unpin of white pieces at the W1move, white battery creation on d5 and battery mates (author)

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Vitaly Medintsev & Anatoly Skripnik
SuperProblem, 24-08-2022
white Bg1f1 Pd3e5 Rh4h5 Kd4 Sb8 black Qa1 Sb2d7 Kb5 Ba5 Pe6 Rd8
E1225Ded. to Khurshidbanu Natavan
Vidadi Zamanov
SuperProblem, 25-08-2022
white Ka5 Pc4d3e2 Qc2 black Pc7d5g5 Kf6 Rg6h6 Sc5 Bh5
h#2.54 solutions(5+8)
E1226Dedicated to Agil Kangarli - 50
Vidadi Zamanov
SuperProblem, 02-09-2022
white Rh6 Ka4 Bh2 black Rh8c7 Pd7c6d6g5c4 Ke6 Bf6 Sh5f4
E1224 (solution | решение)

Vitaly Medintsev and Anatoly Skripnik (Russia)1N1r4/3n4/4p3/bk2P2R/3K3R/3P4/1n6/q4BB1

1.Sb2*d3 + Kd4*d3 2.Qa1*e5 {! (Q~?)} Kd3-c2 # {,} 1.Sd7*e5 + Kd4*e5 2.Rd8*d3 {! (R~?)} Ke5*e6 #

This is an improvement of Medintsev's work: yacpdb/572635

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E1225 (solution | решение)

Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan) Dedicated to Khurshidbanu Natavan8/2p5/5krr/K1np2pb/2P5/3P4/2Q1P3/8

1...c4*d5 2.Sc5-e6 Qc2-c6 3.Rg6-g7 Qc6*e6 # {,} 1...d3-d4 2.Rh6-h7 Qc2-e4 3.Rh7-f7 Qe4-e5 # {,} 1...e2-e4 2.Rg6-g7 Qc2-f2 + 3.Kf6-g6 Qf2-f5 # {,} 1...e2-e3 2.Kf6-e5 Qc2-g2 3.Rg6-f6 Qg2*d5 #

The white pawn on the first move opens a line for the Queen (three lines in total) and at the same time supports it on a mating move (author)

There is no thematic effect in the 4th solution (director)

E1226 (solution | решение)

Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan) Dedicated to Agil Kangarli - 507r/2rp4/2ppkb1R/6pn/K1p2n2/8/7B/8

1.Ke6-e7 Bh2*f4 2.Ke7-d8 Bf4*g5 3.Bf6-e7 Rh6*h8 # {,} 1.Ke6-d5 Rh6*f6 2.Kd5-c5 Rf6-f5 + 3.Sf4-d5 Bh2-g1 #

Chumakov theme, model pin-mates (author)

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Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
Solution | Решение

1.Kc7*b7 Rd6-d7 + 2.Kb7-a6 Rd7-a7 # {,} 1.Kc7*d6 c4-c5 + 2.Kd6-e6 Bb7-c8 # {,
  } 1.Kc7-b8 Bb7-a6 2.Kb8-a8 Rd6-d8 #

Zilahi Paradox (author)

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white Kf8 Pc4 Bd4b7 Rd6 black Kc7 Pd5
Ioannis Kalkavouras
SuperProblem, 04-09-2022
white Kh1 Rd1a5 Bc1 Sd8 black Kf6 Ra1 Ba2 Sh3e7 Pc3e4e5a6d6d7g7
h#2b) Se7->g6(5+12)
E1228See also version E1228a
Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
white Bb5d2 Rd4 Pc2 Kf6 black Pd3 Kc5
Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
white Pc3 Kd2 Bf1 black Kc7 Sc6c5
h#4.5b) Pc3->c4(3+3)
E1227 (solution | решение)

Ioannis Kalkavouras (Greece)3N4/3pn1p1/p2p1k2/R3p3/4p3/2p4n/b7/r1BR3K

a) 1.Ba2-b1 Bc1-f4 {(Rd4?)} 2.e5*f4 Rd1*d6 # {,} b) bSe7-->g6 1.Sh3-g1 Rd1-d4 {(Bf4?)} 2.e5*d4 Bc1-g5 #

Active Zilahi. Dual avoidance on W1. Line openings etc. (author)

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E1228 (solution | решение)

Cheslav Yakubovsky (Belarus)8/8/5K2/1Bk5/3R4/3p4/2PB4/8 See also version E1228a

1.Kc5*b5 Rd4-d5 + 2.Kb5-a4 Rd5-a5 # {((MM) ,} 1.Kc5*d4 c2-c3 + 2.Kd4-e4 Bb5-c6 # {((IM)}

Zilahi theme (author)

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E1229 (solution | решение)

Cheslav Yakubovsky (Belarus)8/2k5/2n5/2n5/8/2P5/3K4/5B2

a) 1...Bf1-b5 2.Sc5-d3 Kd2*d3 3.Kc7-b6 Kd3-c4 4.Kb6-a5 Kc4-c5 5.Sc6-b4 c3*b4 # {,} b) wPc3-->c4 1...Bf1-g2 2.Sc5-a6 c4-c5 3.Sc6-b8 c5-c6 4.Kc7-b6 c6-c7 5.Kb6-a7 c7-c8=S #

Тема Чумакова с активными жертвами черных коней. Отложенный эффект Умнова. Черно-белые последовательные эффекты «ушел-пришел» (автор)

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Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
white Ba3 Kf1 black Kb7 Pc7 Ba5 Re6b2
h#6.5one solution(2+5)
Zlatko Mihajloski
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
white Pa3e2 Kf1 black Ra6c2 Pb6d5e5a4d4e3h3 Ka5 Sf4 Bc3b1 Qa2
h#6vone solution, try(3+14)
Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 21-09-2022
black Sf1 Ba2b4 Pe3e4 Kf5 white Ba1a4 Kd4
h#3.52 solutions(3+6)
E1230 (solution | решение)

Cheslav Yakubovsky (Belarus)8/1kp5/4r3/b7/8/B7/1r6/5K2

1...Ba3-c5 2.Kb7-c6 Bc5-e3 3.Rb2-b7 Kf1-e2 4.Kc6-d6 Ke2-d3 5.c7-c6 Be3-a7 {! (Bb6?)} 6.Rb7-d7 Kd3-d4 7.Ba5-c7 Ba7-c5# {(IM)}
E1231 (solution | решение)

Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia)8/8/rp6/k2pp3/p2p1n2/P1b1p2p/q1r1P3/1b3K2

{Try: 1.Sxe2 ?? 2.Bd2 Kxe2 3.b5 Kd3 4.e4+ Kxd4 5.Rc5 Kxc5 6.Bb4+ axb4#
  } 1.Sf4-d3 {!} e2*d3 2.Qa2-c4 {(Re2?)} d3*c4 3.Rc2-e2 {!} Kf1*e2 4.Bb1-d3 + {! (Ba2?)} Ke2*d3 5.d5*c4 + Kd3*c4 6.Bc3-b4 a3*b4 #

7 active sacrifices (black x 6, white x 1) - a record? Hidden tempo-try, white Knist, model mate (author)

E1232 (solution | решение)

Cheslav Yakubovsky (Belarus)8/8/8/5k2/Bb1Kp3/4p3/b7/B4n2

1...Ba4-b3 2.Bb4-c5 + Kd4-c3 3.Kf5-e5 Kc3-b2 4.Ke5-d4 Kb2-c2 # {,} 1...Ba4-c2 2.Kf5-g6 Kd4*e4 3.Kg6-h7 Ke4-f5 4.Ba2-g8 Kf5-g5 #

Игра двух разных королевских батарей (автор)

Abdelaziz Onkoud
SuperProblem, 23-09-2022
black Pg2d3g6g7d7b7 Sg4e5 Kd5 Qc6 Re7e8 white Bc3 Kb3 Se4 Pd4f5b5b6 Rf6
h#2b) -Pf5, c) Rf6<->Pg2(8+12)
Abdelaziz Onkoud
SuperProblem, 23-09-2022
white Pg2e3a3d4 Bf5 Rc5 Kf8 black Ph3c3b5 Rf3a8 Kd3 Qe4 Bc4b4 Sh6e8
Pavel Murashev
SuperProblem, 26-09-2022
white Bb8 Ka7 Rf7a4 Pe6f5h4c2g2 black Sh8 Rg7e5 Pc6e3h3 Bd5e1 Qe4 Kf4
E1233 (solution | решение)

Abdelaziz Onkoud (Morocco)4r3/1p1pr1p1/1Pq2Rp1/1P1knP2/3PN1n1/1KBp4/6p1/8

a) 1.Qc6*f6 Se4*f6 + 2.Kd5-d6 Bc3-b4 # {,} b) -wPf5 1.Kd5*e4 Bc3-d2 2.d7-d5 Rf6-f4 # {,} c) wRf6<-->bPg2 1.d7-d6 Rg2*g4 2.Qc6*c3 + Se4*c3 #

Zilahi Cyclique. Cycle de pièce blanches. Cycle de pièces noires. Cycle de nature des pièces 1° coups blancs et noirs et des 2° coups blancs et noirs. Idée proche du thème d'Azemmour : DCRFPT aux 1° coups & RFPTDC aux 2° coups (author)

E1234 (solution | решение)

Abdelaziz Onkoud (Morocco)r3nK2/8/7n/1pR2B2/1bbPq3/P1pkPr1p/6P1/8

1.Bb4-a5 Rc5*c4 2.Kd3*c4 g2*f3 3.Qe4-d3 Bf5-e6 # {,} 1.Rf3-g3 Bf5*e4 + 2.Kd3*e4 a3*b4 3.Bc4-d3 Rc5-e5 #

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E1235 (solution | решение)

Pavel Murashev (Russia)1B5n/K4Rr1/2p1P3/3brP2/R3qk1P/4p2p/2P3P1/4b3

1.Rg7-g4 Rf7-c7 2.Re5*f5 Rc7-f7 # {(MM),} 1.Be1-g3 c2-c4 2.Qe4*f5 c4*d5 # {(MM),} 1.Rg7-g3 g2*h3 2.Sh8-g6 f5*g6 # {(MM)}

Cyclic pin-mates, model battery mates (author)

Pavel Murashev
SuperProblem, 26-09-2022
black Pe7h4h5e4f4 Qh6 Se1e5 Kd5 Rc4 Ba1 white Pf6e6c5b3e3e2 Sd8d3 Kg8 Rf3
Mikhail Khramtsevich
SuperProblem, 27-09-2022
black Sf1e6 Ke3 Pd5c5d6c6f7e7 Bb6 Rd7g8 Qf8 white Pe4d4 Se5e8 Kb8
Abdelaziz Onkoud
SuperProblem, 03-10-2022
black Bh1a7 Qh4 Kc6 Pa6b7 Sd7c7 Rh8e8 white Ba1 Pe4c4 Se6 Kf7
h#2.52 solutions(5+10)
E1236 (solution | решение)

Pavel Murashev (Russia)3N2K1/4p3/4PP1q/2Pkn2p/2r1pp1p/1P1NPR2/4P3/b3n3

1.Se5*d3 {display-departure-rank} Rf3*f4 2.Sd3-b2 Rf4-f5 # {,} 1.Se1*f3 {display-departure-rank} b3-b4 2.Sf3-g4 Sd3*f4 # {(capture Pf4),
 } 1.e4*f3 e2*f3 2.Ba1-d4 e3-e4 # {,} 1.f4*e3 Rf3-f5 2.Rc4-d4 Rf5*e5 # {(capture Se5)}

Double Zilahi in a HOTF style: 1st pair - Zilahi + simple line-closing (b2, g4): 2nd pair - Zilahi + blocking + Grimshaw (d4) (author)

E1237 (solution | решение)

Mikhail Khramtsevich (Belarus)1K2Nqr1/3rpp2/1bppn3/2ppN3/3PP3/4k3/8/5n2

1.Se6-d8 e4*d5 2.Ke3-e4 Se5*c6 3.Ke4*d5 Se8-c7+ 4.Kd5*c6 d4-d5# {,} 1.Bb6-d8 d4*c5 2.Ke3-d4 Se8*d6 3.Kd4*c5 Se5-d3+ 4.Kc5*d6 e4-e5#

Double expression of the 11th WCCT theme in each solution. Pawn Zilahi. Kniest theme. Play on the same square in B1. Indirect unpin of the WSe8. W-B FML effects. Chumakov theme (2x2). Model mates (author)

Compare to the entries NN 48, 63 participating in the 11th WCCT (director)

E1238 (solution | решение)

Abdelaziz Onkoud (Morocco)4r2r/bpnn1K2/p1k1N3/8/2P1P2q/8/8/B6b

1...Se6-c5 2.b7-b5 c4*b5 + 3.Kc6-d6 Sc5-b7 # {,} 1...Ba1-e5 2.Sc7-d5 e4*d5 + 3.Kc6-b6 Be5-c7 #
version by Vladislav Nefyodov
SuperProblem, 11-10-2022
Solution | Решение

1.Se3*d5 Bg8*d5 2.Kd4-c3 Bd5*a2 3.Be5-d4 Sc7-d5 # {
 } 1.Ba2*d5 Sc7*d5 2.Kd4-e4 Sd5*e3 3.Sc2-d4 Bg8-d5 #

Добавлена новая пара с переменой функций Sс2/Be5. Оба тематических поля для ходов BK – свободны! (автор)

white Sc7 Bc1g8 Pd5 Kh1 black Pd7d6f4h3a6 Be5a2 Rg2a1 Qd3 Kd4 Se3c2
1241b(after V. Nefyodov)
Kenan Velikhanov & Anatoly Skripnik
SuperProblem, 24-10-2022
Solution | Решение

1.Sa5*c4 Ba6*c4 {(A)} 2.Kd4-e3 Bc4*f1 3.Be5-d4 Sb2-c4 # {(B)
 } 1.Bf1*c4 Sb2*c4 {(B)} 2.Kd4-d5 Sc4*a5 3.Sf3-d4 Ba6-c4 # {(A)}

Добавлена еще одна перемена функций Sf4/Be5. Улучшена экономия (авторы)

black Bf1e5 Pf2f4c5d6 Sf3a5 Qe4 Kd4 white Sb2 Pc4 Kh5 Ba6
Abdelaziz Onkoud
SuperProblem, 03-10-2022
white Pc3e5 Rh5 Sa6 Kh8 black Pe4h6e6 Kd5 Rd6 Se7
M. Witztum & V. Nefyodov
SuperProblem, 04-10-2022
black Qc2 Kc4 Rb4 Sd5d8 Bc5 Pd6a6 white Bb2e8 Kh3 Pa4h5 Re7
h#2.52 solutions(6+8)
E1241See versions E1241a, E1241b
Kenan Velikhanov
SuperProblem, 09-10-2022
black Bg1d5 Pg2g3g4c4f5e6g7 Rc2f7 Qf4 Ke4 Sb5d6 white Pd4 Sc6 Ba7 Kb8
E1239 (solution | решение)

Abdelaziz Onkoud (Morocco)7K/4n3/N2rp2p/3kP2R/4p3/2P5/8/8

1.Se7-c6 Rh5-h4 2.Sc6*e5 Rh4*e4 3.Rd6-c6 Re4-d4 # {,} 1.Rd6-c6 Sa6-b8 2.Rc6-c5 Sb8-d7 3.Se7-c6 Sd7-b6 #
E1240 (solution | решение)

Menachem Witztum (Israel) and Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia) improvement3nB3/4R3/p2p4/2bn3P/Prk5/7K/1Bq5/8

1...Be8-c6 {(Rc7?)} 2.Bc5-e3 Re7-c7 3.Qc2-b3 Bc6-b5 # {,} 1...Re7-e6 {(Bf7?)} 2.Sd5-e3 Be8-f7 3.Qc2-d3 Re6-e4 #

This is an improvement of Witztum's problem (3rd Prize, Pre-Meeting Tourney, 2020). There is not a single move with a capture in the problem! The white pawn plays in both solutions. Free mating lines, along which opening moves are made for the bishop and for the rook! (authors)

Улучшение задачи M. Witztum (3rd Prize, Pre-Meeting Tourney, 2020). В задаче нет ни одного хода со взятием! Белая пешка играет в обоих решениях. Свободные матовые линии, по которым и делаются вступительные ходы для слона и для ладьи! (авторы)

E1241 (solution | решение)

Kenan Velikhanov (Azerbaijan)1K6/B4rp1/2Nnp3/1n1b1p2/2pPkqp1/6p1/2r3p1/6b1 See also versions E1241a, E1241b

1.Sb5*d4 Ba7*d4 {(A) (Sxd4?)} 2.Ke4-f3 Bd4*g1 3.Bd5-e4 Sc6-d4 # { (B) MM,} 1.Bg1*d4 Sc6*d4 { (B) (Bxd4?)} 2.Ke4-e5 Sd4*b5 3.Sd6-e4 Ba7-d4 # { (A) MM}
Aleksandr Pankratiev & Yuri Gorbatenko
SuperProblem, 11-10-2022
black Pb2b3e4e5f6d7a7 Sf3b8 Kd3 Rf7 Be8 white Pe3c4b4d5d6b7 Ka5 Ba6 Qc7
h#3b) bSb8 = bRb8 (0+0)
Alexander Shpakovsky
SuperProblem, 12-10-2022
white Kf3 Rc3 Bd5 black Pe5 Sc5e6 Kd6
Zlatko Mihajloski
SuperProblem, 18-10-2022
black Rb1a5 Kb5 white Sd3 Kb8
E1242 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia) and Yuri Gorbatenko (Russia)1n2b3/pPQp1r2/B2P1p2/K2Pp3/1PP1p3/1p1kPn2/1p6/8

a) 1.Sb8*a6 b7-b8=S 2.Sa6*b4 Sb8-c6 3.Kd3*c4 Sc6*b4 # {,} b) bRb8 1.Rb8-c8 b7-b8=R 2.Rc8*c7 Rb8-b5 3.Kd3*c4 Rb5-c5 #

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E1243 (solution | решение)

Alexander Shpakovsky (Russia)8/8/3kn3/2nBp3/8/2R2K2/8/8

1.Se6-d8 Bd5-a2 2.Sd8-c6 Rc3-b3 3.Kd6-d5 Rb3-d3 # {,} 1.Sc5-d3 Bd5-c4 2.Kd6-c5 Bc4*e6 + 3.Kc5-d4 Rc3-c4 #

Тема ЮК "Onkoud-50" в форме миниатюры. Перемена функций белых ладьи и слона при образовании и игре батарей: вскрывающая/ вскрываемая (автор)

E1244 (solution | решение)

Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia)1K6/8/8/rk6/8/3N4/8/1r6

1.Ra5-a3 Kb8-b7 2.Kb5-a4 + Kb7-a6 3.Rb1-b4 Sd3-c5 # {,} 1.Ra5-a4 Sd3-e5 2.Kb5-a5 + Kb8-a7 3.Rb1-b5 Se5-c6 # {,} 1.Kb5-a6 + Kb8-c7 2.Rb1-b7 + Kc7-c6 3.Rb7-a7 Sd3-b4 #

Three ideal mates in multisolution form including chameleon echo-mates. Miniature (author)

Aleksandr Pankratiev & Yuri Gorbatenko
SuperProblem, 20-10-2022
white Sf1e6 Pg2c3f4d4d5 Kb7 Ba8 black Ra1 Pg3d3c4f5f7 Ke4 Sb5e7 Ba7e8
Vladislav Nefyodov
SuperProblem, 30-10-2022
white Ke8 Sf7 Pf6d7 Bc8 Rd6 black Pe4a7 Bf4b7 Rg7a8 Kf5
Boris Shorokhov
SuperProblem, 31-10-2022
white Kh2 Pb2 Ba3 black Rb4g8 Ph5f6e7d7c7 Sg7e8 Qh8 Kf8 Bb8
h#5one solution(3+12)
E1245 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia) and Yuri Gorbatenko (Russia)B3b3/bK2np2/4N3/1n1P1p2/2pPkP2/2Pp2p1/6P1/r4N2

1.Ra1-e1 Kb7-a6 2.Re1-e3 Sf1-d2 # {(Sxg3#?),} 1.Ba7*d4 Kb7-b8 2.Bd4-e3 Sf1*g3 # {(Sd2#?),} 1.Ba7-b8 Kb7-b6 2.Bb8*f4 Se6-c5 # {(Sg5#?),} 1.Se7-g6 Kb7-c8 2.Sg6*f4 Se6-g5 # {(Sc5#?)}

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E1246 (solution | решение)

Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia)r1B1K3/pb1P1Nr1/3R1P2/5k2/4pb2/8/8/8

1.Rg7*f7 d7-d8=S + 2.Kf5-e5 Sd8*f7 # {,} 1.Bf4*d6 d7-d8=R + 2.Kf5*f6 Rd8*d6 # {,} 1.Ra8*c8 + d7*c8=S 2.Rg7-g4 Sc8-e7 #

At present, the 2+1 concept is coming into fashion: a pair of matched solutions plus a third one as an antithesis involving certain thematic aspects from the first two. For example in this problem the third solution is a natural extension of the content – in it, all actions are antipodal! Two solutions feature battery play, while in the third the battery is eliminated. Two solutions: Phoenix and Pronkin in the third, assistance to promotion on the right square. 2 non-model mates and a model one in the 3rd solution!
Common point: both black thematic pieces perform the blocking! And capture of a piece on W1 (author)

Третье решение, в котором все действия – антиподы! Два решения - игра батареи, в третьем – разрушение батареи. Два решения - Феникс и Пронкин, в третьем - помощь превращения на нужном поле. 2 неправильных мата, а в 3-ем - правильный! Общий момент: блокируют обе тематические фигуры чёрных f4 и g7! И взятие фигур на W1 (автор)

Compare to | сравните с: P1402142, P1077391 (director)

E1247 (solution | решение)

Boris Shorokhov (Russia)1b2nkrq/2ppp1n1/5p2/7p/1r6/B7/1P5K/8

1.Rb4-g4 b2-b4 2.e7-e5 {!} b4-b5 + 3.c7-c5 b5*c6 ep. + 4.Kf8-f7 c6*d7 5.Rg4-g6 d7-d8=S # {(MM)}

Гарсон-таск с эксцельсиором белой пешки, впервые представлен с превращением в коня. Гарсон-таск (или «сущность пешки» - «pawn’s essences») – пять возможных ходов пешки (пешек): ход на 2 поля, ход на 1 поле, простое взятие, взятие на проходе, превращение.
Дополнительно: самосвязывание – развязывание пешки е7, которая затем открывает диагональ a3-f8 и перекрывает диагональ b8-h2 (автор)

A. Pankratiev & A.Kirichenko (†)
SuperProblem, 06-11-2022
black Bg1d7 Pf2d2f3e3f4d4c6b6 Qh4 Rg5 Kd6 white Kf1 Ba7
h#6one solution(2+13)
Aleksandr Pankratiev
SuperProblem, 15-11-2022
white Re5 Pe4d2 Bg4 Qb3 Sc3 Ka2 black Sf8 Bd7a3 Pb6c6h6g5d3f3c2 Qe6 Kf4
Aleksandr Pankratiev
SuperProblem, 15-11-2022
white Rg4 Bc3e2 Sd3 Kf1 Qg1 black Sa6 Pc6a5g5a4f3b2f2h2 Kb5 Qc2 Rb1h1 Bd1
h#2b) wBe2=wSe2 (6+14)
E1248 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia) and Anatoly Kirichenko (†)8/B2b4/1ppk4/6r1/3p1p1q/4pp2/3p1p2/5Kb1

1.d2-d1=B Ba7*b6 2.Bd1-b3 Bb6*d4 3.Bb3-e6 Bd4*e3 4.Rg5-d5 Be3*f2 5.Qh4-e7 Bf2-a7 6.Bg1-c5 Ba7-b8 # {(MM)}

Compare to | сравните с: P1256957, P1087492, P1311971 (director)

E1249 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)5n2/3b4/1pp1q2p/4R1p1/4PkB1/bQNp1p2/K1pP4/8

1.Qe6*g4 Re5-c5 2.b6*c5 Qb3-b8 # {,} 1.Qe6*e5 Sc3-e2 + 2.d3*e2 Qb3*f3 #

Compare to | сравните с: P1187943 (director)

E1250 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)8/8/n1p5/pk4p1/p5R1/2BN1p2/1pq1Bp1p/1r1b1KQr

a) 1.Qc2*d3 Bc3-e1 2.f2*e1=B Be2*d3 # {,} b) wSe2 1.Qc2*c3 Sd3-e1 2.f2*e1=S Se2*c3 #

Compare to | сравните с: P1006772 (director)

Gábor Tar
SuperProblem, 15-11-2022
white Pc2h3d4 Ra5 Kc7 black Pd3f4e5g6f6c6b6 Kg5 Rf5g7 Bh6f7
h#3.52 solutions(5+12)
A. Pankratiev & A. Kirichenko (†)
SuperProblem, 25-11-2022
white Kg1 Pf2 Ba8 black Pg2f3f4f5d5d6 Qh3 Kc8
h#6.5one solution(3+8)
Aleksandr Pankratiev
SuperProblem, 27-11-2022
white Pd2c3 Kc6 Be8 Rc8 black Pd3c4a4 Ka3 Qd1
h#2.5two solutions(5+5)
E1251 (solution | решение)

Gábor Tar (Hungary)8/2K2br1/1pp2ppb/R3prk1/3P1p2/3p3P/2P5/8

1...d4*e5 {(A)} 2.f6*e5 c2*d3 3.Rf5-f6 d3-d4 4.Kg5-f5 Ra5*e5 # {(B),} 1...Ra5*e5 {(B)} 2.Rf5*e5 Kc7-d6 3.f6-f5 h3-h4 + 4.Kg5-f6 d4*e5 # {(A)}
E1252 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia) and Anatoly Kirichenko (†)B1k5/8/3p4/3p1p2/5p2/5p1q/5Pp1/6K1

1...Ba8*d5 2.Kc8-d7 Bd5*f3 3.Kd7-e6 Bf3*g2 4.Ke6-e5 Bg2-f1 5.Ke5-e4 Bf1-c4 6.Qh3-g4 + Kg1-f1 7.Ke4-f3 Bc4-d5 #

Compare to | сравните с: P1353702, P1391036 (director)

E1253 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)2R1B3/8/2K5/8/p1p5/k1Pp4/3P4/3q4

1...Kc6-b6 2.Ka3-b3 Rc8*c4 3.Kb3*c4 Be8-f7 # {,} 1...Kc6-c5 2.Qd1-b3 Be8*a4 3.Ka3*a4 Rc8-a8 #

Compare to | сравните с: P1087708 (director)

Anatoly Skripnik
SuperProblem, 02-12-2022
Solution | Решение

a) 1.Qd3-a3 Sf6-d5 {(A)} 2.Qa3-c5 Bd2-c3 # {(B),
        } 1.Be3-f4 Bd2-c3 + {(B)} 2.Kd4-e3 Sf6-g4 # {(C),
   } b) wKg8-->c1 1.c4-c3 Sf6-g4 {(C)} 2.Qd3-c4 Bd2*e3 # {(D),
        } 1.Qd3-b3 Bd2*e3 + {(D)} 2.Kd4-c3 Sf6-d5 # {(A),
   } c) wBe4-->d7 1.Kd4-c5 Bd2-c1 2.Qd3-d4 Bc1-a3 # {,
        } 1.Kd4-e5 Bd2-e1 2.Be3-d4 Be1-g3 #

Economical version (director)

black Rf1 Bd1e3 Pe2c4b6 Qd3 Kd4 white Bd2e4 Pf3g5 Sf6 Kg8
h#2b) Kg8->c1, c) Be4->d7(6+8)
E1254See also version E1254a
Anatoly Skripnik
SuperProblem, 01-12-2022
black Qb1 Pa2c3d4b5 Ke4 Bh6 Sf6b7 Ra7 white Be2f4 Pg3h5c6 Sg6 Kc7
h#2b) Qb1->f2, c) Bf4->e7(7+10)
Vitaly Medintsev
SuperProblem, 01-12-2022
white Bf1b8 Rh5 Kc7 Pb7 black Bd1e3 Qc1 Sg2h4 Kh3 Pf3g4c6b6 Rg8d8
h#2.52 solutions(5+12)
E1254 (solution | решение)

Anatoly Skripnik (Russia)8/rnK5/2P2nNb/1p5P/3pkB2/2p3P1/p3B3/1q6 See also version E1254a

a) 1.Qb1-c2 Be2-f3 + {(A)} 2.Ke4-d3 Sg6-e5 # {(B),} 1.Qb1-b3 Sg6-e5 {(B)} 2.Qb3-d5 Be2-d3 # {(C),
   } b) bQb1-->f2 1.Sf6-g4 Be2-d3 + {(C)} 2.Ke4-f3 Sg6-h4 # {(D),} 1.d4-d3 Sg6-h4 {(D)} 2.Qf2-d4 Be2-f3 # {(A),
   } c) wBf4-->e7 1.Ke4-d5 Be2-d1 2.Qb1-e4 Bd1-b3 # {,} 1.Ke4-f5 Be2-f1 2.Sf6-e4 Bf1-h3 #

Cycle W1/W2 AB-BC-CD-DA in twins 'a' & 'b', bK's initial squareself-blocks by different black pieces in the twin 'c', bK star, wB star (director)

E1255 (solution | решение)

Vitaly Medintsev (Russia)1B1r2r1/1PK5/1pp5/7R/6pn/4bp1k/6n1/2qb1B2

1...Rh5-c5 {!} 2.Sh4-f5 Kc7*b6 3.Sf5-d4 Rc5-h5 # {,} 1...Bf1-c4 {!} 2.Sg2-e1 Kc7*c6 3.Se1-c2 Bc4-f1 #

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E1256 (solution | решение)

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EXXX (solution | решение)

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EXXX (solution | решение)

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EXXX (solution | решение)

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