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E1173version of E978
Menachem Witztum
SuperProblem, 01-01-2022
white Pc6f5f2 Ka3 Rg3 Sd1 Bg1 black Re8 Bf8 Pc7a5d5g5a4e4g4 Qg7 Sb6b4 Kd4
h#2.5b) Sb4<->bRe8(0+0)
Michal Dragoun
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
white Kg1 Rd7g4 Sf6 Pb5c2 black Ke5 Qh7 Rg5h4 Ba8f8 Sb8f5 Pc7d3g6h5
h#2.53 solutions(6+12)
Michal Dragoun
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
white Kd5 Bc3 Pd4 black Kd3 Qh2 Bd1e3 Sb2e8 Pc2c4d2d6d7f4f5
h#5one solution(3+13)
E1173 (solution | решение)

Menachem Witztum (Israel)4rb2/2p3q1/1nP5/p2p1Pp1/pn1kp1p1/K5R1/5P2/3N2B1

a) 1...Rg3-e3 2.Re8-e7 f2-f3 3.Sb4-d3 Re3*e4 # {,} b) bSb4<-->bRe8 1...Sd1-e3 2.Se8-d6 f2-f4 3.Rb4-c4 Se3-c2 #

Pre-closing of white and black line in each phase (author)
More economical version of the author's earlier work - E978 (director)

E1174 (solution | решение)

Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic)bn3b2/2pR3q/5Np1/1P2knrp/6Rr/3p4/2P5/6K1

1...Rg4-g3 2.Rh4-f4 Sf6-g4 + 3.Ke5-e4 c2*d3 # {,} 1...Sf6-e8 2.c7-c5 Rd7-e7 + 3.Ke5-d5 c2-c4 # {,} 1...Rd7*c7 2.Sf5-e3 Rg4*g5 + 3.Ke5-d4 c2-c3 #

Cyclic unguard of squares initially twice guarded by White, three mates by the same pawn (author)

E1175 (solution | решение)

Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic)4n3/3p4/3p4/3K1p2/2pP1p2/2Bkb3/1npp3q/3b4

1.Be3*d4 Bc3*d2 2.Bd4-e3 Bd2-c3 3.Be3-c1 Bc3*b2 4.Kd3-d2 Kd5-d4 5.Qh2-e2 Bb2-c3 #

Analogic manouevres in the play of both bishops and kings, switchbacks (white 2x), gate-opening for black bishop (author)

Compare to | сравните с: P1387067 (director)

János Csák
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
white Ka8 Rc8h3 Sf6g3 Bb1 black Bc7f3 Rd7e6 Pb6g6b3b2 Sc6 Qc4 Kc3
János Csák
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
black Sh1d1 Pe6e5c5d4e3d2 Rf2f1 Bc1a6 Kc2 white Ka4 Pd3e4g2g5 Rg7 Bh7
h#3b) Kc2->g1(7+13)
János Csák
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
black Sc1 Rc7a3 Bb7b6 Pb4e2h3g5g6f6d6 Kf1 white Kd8 Sg2 Pf4d4d5 Ba7a8 Rb8
h#3.5b) Pf4->f5 (8+13)
E1176 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)K1R5/2br4/1pn1rNp1/8/2q5/1pk2bNR/1p6/1B6

1.Bc7-e5 Sg3-f5 2.Sc6-b4 + Sf6-e4 # {(MM),} 1.Bc7-d6 Sg3-f1 2.Sc6-d4 + Sf6-d5 # {(MM)}
E1177 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)8/6RB/b3p3/2p1p1P1/K2pP3/3Pp3/2kp1rP1/2bn1r1n

a) 1.Ba6*d3 {! (Bb7?)} Rg7-b7 2.Bd3*e4 Rb7-b3 3.Be4-d3 Bh7*d3 # {,} b) bKc2-->g1 1.Rf2*g2 {! (Rf5?)} Bh7-f5 2.Rg2*g5 Bf5-h3 3.Rg5-g2 Rg7*g2 #
E1178 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)BR1K4/Bbr5/1b1p1pp1/3P2p1/1p1P1P2/r6p/4p1N1/2n2k2

a) 1...f4*g5 2.Bb7*d5 {(A)} Ba8*d5 3.Bb6*d4 {(B)} Rb8*b4 4.Bd4-c3 Rb4-f4 # {,} b) wPf4-->f5 1...f5*g6 2.Bb6*d4 {(B)} Ba7*d4 3.Bb7*d5 {(A)} Rb8-b5 4.Bd5-b3 Rb5-f5 #
Yuri Gorbatenko
SuperProblem, 02-01-2022
black Bd6g8 Rh5d8 Qd2 Kd5 Pd4c3b7a7 white Se5e6 Kg1 Pa2
h#3b) Pd4->d3 (4+10)
Evgeny Gavryliv
SuperProblem, 03-01-2022
black Ba3h1 Pc2h5b6 Rh4 Kf5 Sf6 white Bc1a2 Sg4c4 Ka4 Pg5d5 Ra5
Aleksandr Pankratiev & Evgeny Gavryliv
SuperProblem, 03-01-2022
white Kd8 Ra7 Be8 Pg5e6f4e3c4c6e5 Sg2 black Bb7 Rg6c1 Kd1 Pc2b3a4c5e7 Sa6
E1179 (solution | решение)

Yuri Gorbatenko (Russia)3r2b1/pp6/3bN3/3kN2r/3p4/2p5/P2q4/6K1

a) 1.b7-b6 Se6-c7 + 2.Kd5-c5 a2-a4 3.Bg8-d5 Sc7-a6 # {(MM),} b) bPd4-->d3 1.b7-b5 Se5-c6 2.Kd5-c4 a2-a3 3.Rh5-d5 Sc6-a5 # {(MM)}

Одиночная аванта белой и чёрной пешек, блокирования, правильные маты (автор)

Mutual pawn double-step with distant self-blocks in the play of BP, flight-giving with gate-opening in W1, self-blocks of BK's departure square by different black officers involving BB-FML, reciprocally changed functions of wSs, model mates (director)

Compare to | сравните с: yacpdb/344796 (director)

E1180 (solution | решение)

Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)8/8/1p3n2/R2P1kPp/K1N3Nr/b7/B1p5/2B4b

1.Sf6*d5 Sg4-e5 {display-departure-file} 2.Sd5-b4 Sc4-d6 # {,} 1.Bh1*d5 Sc4-e5 {display-departure-file} 2.Bd5-e4 Sg4-h6 #

Compare to | сравните с: P0544531 (director)

E1181 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia) and Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)3KB3/Rb2p3/n1P1P1r1/2p1P1P1/p1P2P2/1p2P3/2p3N1/2rk4

1.Bb7*c6 Be8*g6 2.Bc6-f3 Bg6-h5 3.Bf3-e2 Ra7-d7 # {,} 1.Rg6*e6 Ra7*b7 2.Re6-d6 + Rb7-d7 3.Rd6-d2 Be8-h5 #

Compare to | сравните с: P0583633 (director)

A. Pankratiev, E.Gavryliv, Y. Bilokin
SuperProblem, 31-01-2022
Solution | Решение

1...Bf3*g4 2.Sh2-f3 Rf4*e4 + 3.Kd4*e4 Bg4-h5 4.Ba1-d4 Bh5*f3 # {,
 } 1...Rf4*g4 2.Qf7-d5 Rg4*h4 3.Sh2-g4 Bf3*e4 4.Kd4*e4 Rh4*g4 #

Compare to | сравните с: yacpdb/558021 (director)

black Bf1a1 Sh2f5 Pe3g4e4e5h6 Rh4 Kd4 Qf7 white Pe2g3 Bf3 Rf4 Kh8
h#3.52 solutions(5+12)
E1182See also version E1182a
Aleksandr Pankratiev & Evgeny Gavryliv
SuperProblem, 05-01-2022
white Kh1 Pe2g3 Bf3 Rf4 black Bf1a1 Sh2f5 Rg2h4 Ph3e3g4e4e5 Kd4 Qa8
h#3.52 solutions(5+13)
Béla Majoros
SuperProblem, 05-01-2022
black Pe6e5f3 Kd5 Bb4 Rc2 white Ra4 Ka1 Bb1
h#2b) Kd5->e3(3+6)
Béla Majoros
SuperProblem, 20-01-2022
white Kg3 Be1 Rb7 black Pc4 Sc5 Kd5 Rd7 Qe4
h#2.52 solutions(3+5)
E1182 (solution | решение)

Aleksandr Pankratiev (Russia) and Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)q7/8/8/4pn2/3kpRpr/4pBPp/4P1rn/b4b1K See also version E1182a

1...Bf3*g4 2.Sh2-f3 Rf4*e4 + 3.Kd4*e4 Bg4-h5 4.Ba1-d4 Bh5*f3 # {,} 1...Rf4*g4 2.Qa8-d5 Rg4*h4 3.Sh2-g4 Bf3*e4 4.Kd4*e4 Rh4*g4 #

Compare to | сравните с: yacpdb/558021 (director)

E1183 (solution | решение)

Béla Majoros (Hungary)8/8/4p3/3kp3/Rb6/5p2/2r5/KB6

a) 1.Bb4-d6 Ra4-b4 {! (tempo)} 2.Rc2-c5 Bb1-e4 # {,} b) bKd5-->e3 1.Rc2-f2 Bb1-c2 {! (tempo)} 2.Bb4-d2 Ra4-e4 #

Compare to | сравните с: P0582831 (director)

E1184 (solution | решение)

Béla Majoros (Hungary)8/1R1r4/8/2nk4/2p1q3/6K1/8/4B3

1...Be1-a5 2.Kd5-c6 Ba5-d8 3.Qe4-d5 Rb7-b6 # {(MM),} 1...Rb7-b3 2.Kd5-d4 Rb3-f3 3.Rd7-d5 Be1-c3 # {(MM)}

Compare to | сравните с: P0583754 (director)

Mirko Degenkolbe
SuperProblem, 06-01-2022
white Pe6e5d4c3d3e2g3 Bf3 Ke1 black Pe7 Ke3
h#4.52 solutions(9+2)
Anton Bidleň
SuperProblem, 12-01-2022
white Be1 Kc1 Pd2 black Pd3e4b4e5 Kg5
h#7one solution(3+5)
E1187dedicated to Rolf Wiehagen - 75
Mirko Degenkolbe & Steven B. Dowd
SuperProblem, 19-01-2022
white Kh1 Bf1 Pg2e2c2a4a5c5d6e5 black Bh2 Pd7c6a6g3e3e6 Sb8 Ka8
h#17.5one solution(10+9)
E1185 (solution | решение)

Mirko Degenkolbe (Germany)8/4p3/4P3/4P3/3P4/2PPkBP1/4P3/4K3

1...Ke1-d1 {! (Kf1?)} 2.Ke3-f2 e2-e4 3.Kf2-e3 Kd1-c1 4.Ke3*d3 Kc1-b2 5.Kd3-c4 Bf3-e2 # {,} 1...g3-g4 {! (c4?)} 2.Ke3-f4 g4-g5 3.Kf4-f5 Bf3-c6 4.Kf5*e6 Bc6-d7 + 5.Ke6-d5 e2-e4 #

When looking at the problem, one recognizes a "not quite healthy" fir-tree. However, if one deepens a little bit into the position, one recognizes after a while that the last black move must have been Kf4-e3. So if we look more accurate this position before the last move, which has been done by black, then one recognizes that there is a completely "healthy" and beautiful "grown" Christmas tree on the board (author)

E1186 (solution | решение)

Anton Bidleň (Slovakia)8/8/8/4p1k1/1p2p3/3p4/3P4/2K1B3

1.b4-b3 Kc1-b1 {!} 2.b3-b2 Kb1-a2 3.b2-b1=S Ka2-b3 4.Sb1-c3 d2*c3 5.Kg5-f4 c3-c4 6.Kf4-e3 Be1-a5 7.Ke3-d4 Ba5-b6 # {(IM)}

Compare to | сравните с: P1073531 (director)

E1187 (solution | решение)

Mirko Degenkolbe (Germany) and Steven B. Dowd (USA) dedicated to Rolf Wiehagen - 75kn6/3p4/p1pPp3/P1P1P3/P7/4p1p1/2P1P1Pb/5B1K

1...c2-c3 {! (c4?)} 2.Bh2-g1 Kh1*g1 3.Ka8-b7 Kg1-h1 4.Kb7-c8 Kh1-g1 5.Kc8-d8 Kg1-h1 6.Kd8-e8 Kh1-g1 7.Ke8-f7 Kg1-h1 8.Kf7-g6 Kh1-g1 9.Kg6-f5 Kg1-h1 10.Kf5-e4 {(Kxe5?)} Kh1-g1 11.Ke4-d5 Kg1-h1 12.Kd5*c5 Kh1-g1 13.Kc5-d5 Kg1-h1 14.c6-c5 Kh1-g1 15.Sb8-c6 Kg1-h1 16.Sc6-d4 Kh1-g1 17.Sd4*e2 + {! (Sf3+?)} Bf1*e2 18.Kd5-c6 Be2-f3 # {MM}

White choice in the key and black choice in the 10th move. The sacrificial move of black Knight: 17.Sf3+? gxf3 18.Kc6 Lg2#?? fails because the white Pawn stands in the way of his Bishop. Instead, there is a mate in the reciprocal field cast in the required traits number, ie: 17.Sxe2+! Bxe2 18.Kc6 Bf3# (authors)

I think the try 17.Sf3+? is pointless since the mate Lg2#?? fails not because that wP stands on the way of wB (after gxf3) but because the square g2 is occupied by another wP. Compare to | сравните с: yacpdb/67878 (director)

Evgeny Gavryliv
SuperProblem, 31-01-2022
white Sc1h6 Pd2h4g4d5f7 Ka3 Ra4f8 Bd6a8 black Ba2 Kf3 Pg6 Qh7
Zlatko Mihajloski
SuperProblem, 05-02-2022
white Kh1 Bf1 black Qe2 Kc4 Sa5 Pb7 Ra7
h#6.5one solution(2+5)
Mirko Degenkolbe & Udo Degener
SuperProblem, 06-02-2022
white Kd1 Pc2 Bb1 black Re2g2 Se1f1 Kh1 Qg1 Bh2 Pg3f3f2e3d2d3b2b3
h#8one solution(3+15)
E1188 (solution | решение)

Evgeny Gavryliv (Ukraine)B4R2/5P1q/3B2pN/3P4/R5PP/K4k2/b2P4/2N5

1.Ba2*d5 Ra4-e4 2.Bd5*f7 Re4-e2 # {,} 1.Qh7*f7 Sh6-f5 2.Qf7*d5 Sf5-e3 #

Probably, a mutual Leibovici interference is a new feature in this well-known self-pin mechanism (author)

В известном механизме самозвязывания черных фигур дополнительно представлено взаимное перекрытие линейных черных фигур по Лейбовичи (автор)

Compare to | сравните с: P0535113, P1242163 (director)

E1189 (solution | решение)

Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia)8/rp6/8/n7/2k5/8/4q3/5B1K

1...Kh1-g1 2.Qe2-d3 {!} Kg1-g2 {!(Kf2?)} 3.Kc4-b5 Kg2-f2 4.Qd3-c4 {!} Kf2-e3 5.Qc4-e2 + {!} Ke3-d4 6.Kb5-a6 Kd4-c5 7.Qe2-b5 + Bf1*b5 #

Linear cycle, pseudo Bristol b/KQ, sacrificial clearance, wK tempo, ideal mate (author)

Compare to | сравните с: P0582754, P1381547 (director)

E1190 (solution | решение)

Mirko Degenkolbe and Udo Degener (Germany)8/8/8/8/8/1p1pppp1/1pPprprb/1B1Knnqk

1.d3*c2+ Bb1*c2 2.Se1-d3 Bc2*b3 3.Re2-e1+ Kd1-c2 4.e3-e2 Kc2*d3 5.Sf1-e3 Kd3*e3 6.Qg1-f1 Ke3*f3 7.Rg2-g1 Kf3-g4 8.Kh1-g2 Bb3-d5#

B-B FML (d3-e1-e2-e3-f1-g1-g2)

Alberto Armeni
SuperProblem, 06-02-2022
white Bg6 Re1 Se4 Kh1 Pg5 black Pf2e6 Re3 Kh3 Sh8
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 16-02-2022
white Pf2g2 Kb8 Bb1 black Pa7b2 Ka1
h#5.52 solutions(4+3)
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 18-02-2022
white Kg1 Pd2 black Kh8 Sg8h7 Bh1 Ph3g3g2e5a7
h#6.52 solutions(2+9)
E1191 (solution | решение)

Alberto Armeni (Italy)7n/8/4p1B1/6P1/4N3/4r2k/5p2/4R2K

1.Re3*e4 Bg6-h5 2.Re4-h4 Re1-e3 # {,} 1.f2*e1=B Bg6-f7 2.Be1-h4 Bf7*e6 # {,} 1.Sh8*g6 Re1-g1 2.Sg6-h4 Se4*f2 #

Cyclic Zilahi (author)

Compare to | сравните с: yacpdb/104285, yacpdb/407934, yacpdb/433416, P1368955 (director)

E1192 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)1K6/p7/8/8/8/8/1p3PP1/kB6

1...f2-f4 2.a7-a5 f4-f5 3.a5-a4 f5-f6 4.a4-a3 f6-f7 5.a3-a2 f7-f8=Q 6.a2*b1=R Qf8-a3 # {,
 } 1...g2-g4 2.a7-a6 g4-g5 3.a6-a5 g5-g6 4.a5-a4 g6-g7 5.a4-a3 g7-g8=Q 6.a3-a2 Qg8*a2 #

Compare to | сравните с: P1182652 (director)

E1193 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)6nk/p6n/8/4p3/8/6pp/3P2p1/6Kb

1...d2-d3 2.e5-e4 d3-d4 3.e4-e3 d4-d5 4.e3-e2 d5-d6 5.e2-e1=B d6-d7 6.Be1-c3 d7-d8=S 7.Bc3-g7 Sd8-f7 # {display-departure-square} {,
 } 1...d2-d4 2.a7-a5 d4*e5 3.a5-a4 e5-e6 4.a4-a3 e6-e7 5.a3-a2 e7-e8=S 6.a2-a1=B Se8-d6 7.Ba1-g7 Sd6-f7 # {display-departure-square}

Compare to | сравните с: P0582541, P1380437 (director)

Krzysztof Drążkowski
SuperProblem, 19-02-2022
white Bf8d3 Ke2 Rf6 black Kd5 Ba2e5 Rd4g4
Kabe Moen
SuperProblem, 23-02-2022
black Rd3 Pe6 Kd5 white Kg5 Bg8 Rd1 Pc3
János Csák
SuperProblem, 12-03-2022
white Sb8 Rb6 Bg4 Pb3f3 Kg1 black Qa7 Rg7f6 Pd6a4c4d3 Ke6 Sf5d1
h#2.52 solutions(6+10)
E1194 (solution | решение)

Krzysztof Drążkowski (Poland)5B2/8/5R2/3kb3/3r2r1/3B4/b3K3/8

1.Ba2-b1 Bd3-g6 2.Bb1-e4 Bg6-f7 # {,} 1.Rg4-g6 Rf6-c6 2.Rg6-e6 Rc6-c5 #

Probably a Letztform. Compare to | сравните с: P0539695, P1099374 (director)

E1195 (solution | решение)

Kabe Moen (USA)6B1/8/4p3/3k2K1/8/2Pr4/8/3R4

1.Kd5-e4 Rd1*d3 2.e6-e5 Bg8-h7 # {,} 1.Kd5-e5 Bg8*e6 2.Rd3-d6 Rd1-e1 #

Chumakov theme in miniature (author)

Compare to | сравните с: P0504525 (director)

E1196 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)1N6/q5r1/1R1pkr2/5n2/p1p3B1/1P1p1P2/8/3n2K1

1...f3-f4 2.Rg7-e7 Bg4-e2 3.d3-d2 Be2*c4 # {,} 1...b3*c4 2.Qa7-f7 Rb6-b1 3.Sd1-b2 Rb1-e1 #
Vitaly Medintsev & Anatoly Skripnik
SuperProblem, 13-03-2022
white Kb8 Pe6a2e2 Sf4 Bg4 Rh4 black Be8 Rf8g7 Pc5f5g5 Kc4
E1198Возьмёмся за руки друзья!
V. Nefyodov (dedicated to W. Tura - 80)
SuperProblem, 14-03-2022
white Ka8 Sg7 Rg6 Pc4f4 black Bh7 Pc6e3 Ke4
h#3b) Pc6->d4(5+4)
E1199dedicated to L. Togookhuu - 75
Yuri Gorbatenko & Vladislav Nefyodov
SuperProblem, 18-03-2022
white Kh8 Be4d4 black Pa6a7c7d6f5g3 Bh3a1 Re5b2 Kb5
E1197 (solution | решение)

Vitaly Medintsev (Russia) and Anatoly Skripnik (Russia)1K2br2/6r1/4P3/2p2pp1/2k2NBR/8/P3P3/8

1.f5*g4 Sf4-d5 2.Rf8-f3 Sd5-c7 3.Rf3-c3 {display-departure-square} Rh4*g4 # {,} 1.g5*f4 Bg4-f3 2.Rg7-g3 Bf3-c6 3.Rg3-c3 {display-departure-square} Rh4*f4 #
E1198 (solution | решение)

Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia) dedicated to Waldemar Tura - 80K7/6Nb/2p3R1/8/2P1kP2/4p3/8/8

a) 1.Bh7-g8 Sg7-f5 2.Bg8*c4 Rg6-e6 + 3.Ke4-d5 Re6-e5 # {,} b) bPc6-->d4 1.Ke4-f3 Rg6-f6 2.Bh7-d3 Sg7-e6 3.Kf3-e4 Se6-g5 #

Тема: «Две разноходящие белые фигуры делают ходы «взявшись за руки». То есть белые фигуры не отходят друг от друга далее, чем на соседние поля» (автор)

E1199 (solution | решение)

Yuri Gorbatenko (Russia) and Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia) dedicated to Lkhundevin Togookhuu - 757K/p1p5/p2p4/1k2rp2/3BB3/6pb/1r6/b7

1.Re5-d5 Be4-f3 {! (Bxf5?)} 2.Kb5-c6 Bf3-h5 3.Rb2-b7 Bh5-e8 # {,} 1.c7-c5 Bd4-e3 {! (Bxe5?)} 2.Kb5-b6 Be3-g5 3.Rb2-b5 Bg5-d8 #
Miodrag Mladenović
SuperProblem, 18-03-2022
black Rb1 Pg5g3f2d3d4 Bh4 Kf3 Qg8 white Bf1 Sc5b7 Kc6
Béla Majoros
SuperProblem, 23-03-2022
white Pc5b4b5f3 Sd8a7 Kh5 black Qa8 Pb7d7 Ba5 Kd5
Zlatko Mihajloski
SuperProblem, 25-03-2022
white Kh1 Bg2 black Kf5 Be6 Pc7 Rb8a8
h#6one solution(2+5)
E1200 (solution | решение)

Miodrag Mladenović (Serbia)6q1/1N6/2K5/2N3p1/3p3b/3p1kp1/5p2/1r3B2

1.Rb1-e1 Sc5*d3 {(A)} 2.Re1-e3 Bf1-e2 + {(B)} 3.Kf3-e4 Sb7-d6 # {(C),} 1.Kf3-f4 Bf1-e2 {(B)} 2.f2-f1=S Sb7-d6 {(C)} 3.Sf1-e3 Sc5*d3 # {(A),} 1.Qg8-e6 + Sb7-d6 {(C)} 2.Qe6-h3 Sc5*d3 {(A)} 3.Kf3-g4 Bf1-e2 # {(B)}

3-fold cycle of White's moves. Model mates (author)

NOTE: This problem was composed for "30th Branko Atanackovic MT" solving tournament (see yacpdb/562594). But according to the rules it's OK to publish problem as original within one year of the competition.

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E1201 (solution | решение)

Béla Majoros (Hungary)q2N4/Np1p4/8/bPPk3K/1P6/5P2/8/8

1.Ba5-b6 Sd8-c6 2.Qa8-g8 Sa7-c8 3.Qg8-e6 Sc8*b6 # {(MM),} 1.Ba5-c7 Sa7-c6 2.Qa8-a2 Sd8-e6 3.Qa2-c4 Se6*c7 # {(MM)}

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E1202 (solution | решение)

Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia)rr6/2p5/4b3/5k2/8/8/6B1/7K

1.Rb8-e8 Bg2-b7 2.Ra8-d8 Kh1-g2 3.Be6-c8 Kg2-f3 4.Kf5-e6 Kf3-e4 5.Ke6-d7 + Ke4-d5 6.Re8-e7 Bb7-c6 #

Bristol (bR-bR), pseudo Bristol (bB-bK, wB-wK), ideal mate, minature (author)

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Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 08-04-2022
white Pf2 Kh6 Sf8f7 black Rb1 Ka1
h#5.5one solution(4+2)
Nikolaj Zujev
SuperProblem, 09-04-2022
black Be4 Rd5b3 Pc3 Kc4 white Sf3c6 Ka7
h#2b) -Pc3 (3+5)
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 10-04-2022
white Kd3 Pe4 Rh5 Bf8 black Sd6d5 Kc5
h#2.5b) bSd6=bRd6(3+4)
E1203 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)5N2/5N2/7K/8/8/8/5P2/kr6

1...f2-f4 2.Rb1-b7 f4-f5 3.Rb7*f7 f5-f6 4.Rf7*f8 f6-f7 5.Rf8-b8 f7-f8=Q 6.Rb8-b1 Qf8-a3 #

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E1204 (solution | решение)

Nikolaj Zujev (Lithuania)8/K7/2N5/3r4/2k1b3/1rp2N2/8/8

a) 1.Rd5-c5 Ka7-a6 2.Be4-d5 Sf3-e5 # {,} b) -bPc3 1.Rb3-c3 Ka7-b6 2.Be4-d3 Sf3-d2 #

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E1205 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)5B2/8/3n4/2kn3R/4P3/3K4/8/8

a) 1...Rh5-h7 2.Sd5-b6 Rh7-e7 3.Sd6-b5 Re7-c7 # {,} b) bRd6 1...Bf8-h6 2.Rd6-c6 Bh6-g5 3.Sd5-b6 Bg5-e7 #

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Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 11-04-2022
Solution | Решение

1.Qb6*c7 b7-b8=Q 2.Qc7-g7 {display-departure-square} Qb8-h2 # {,
 } 1.Qb6*b7 c7-c8=Q 2.Qb7-g7 {display-departure-square} Qc8-h3 #

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white Ra7 Pb7c7 Ka3 black Pg6 Bg8 Kh7 Qb6
E1206See also version E1206a
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 11-04-2022
white Pb7d7 Ra7 Kh1 black Sg7c5 Kh7 Bg8 Pg6 Ra5
Nikolaj Zujev
SuperProblem, 20-04-2022
white Rf4 Pd2 Kh1 black Ra8 Bb8c8 Pa7b7d3f2h3 Kd5
h#5one solution(3+9)
Vitaly Medintsev
SuperProblem, 21-04-2022
white Bf1g7 Kc1 Re2h7 Pb4 black Bf3h8 Rg6 Kc6 Pa6 Qa7 Sd8
h#2b) +bPe4(6+7)
E1206 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)6b1/RP1P2nk/6p1/r1n5/8/8/8/7K See also version E1206a

1.Sc5*d7 b7-b8=Q 2.Sd7-c5 {display-departure-square} Qb8-h2 # {,} 1.Sc5*b7 d7-d8=Q 2.Sb7-c5 {display-departure-square} Qd8-h4 #

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E1207 (solution | решение)

Nikolaj Zujev (Lithuania)rbb5/pp6/8/3k4/5R2/3p3p/3P1p2/7K

1.Bc8-g4 Rf4-f8 2.Kd5-e4 Rf8*b8 3.Ke4-f3 Rb8*b7 4.Ra8-f8 Rb7-e7 5.Rf8-f4 Re7-e3 # {(MM)}

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E1208 (solution | решение)

Vitaly Medintsev (Russia)3n3b/q5BR/p1k3r1/8/1P6/5b2/4R3/2K2B2

a) 1.Kc6-d6 Bf1-g2 {!} 2.Bf3-b7 Bg7-f8 # {,} b) +bPe4 1.Kc6-d5 Rh7-h6 {!} 2.Rg6-b6 Re2-d2 #

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Zlatko Mihajloski & Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 03-05-2022
Solution | Решение

1...d7*c8=Q 2.Kh4-g3 Qc8*f5 3.Kg3-h2 Qf5-h3 # {
 } 1...g2-g3 + 2.Kh4-h3 d7-d8=Q 3.Rg1-g2 Qd8-h4 # {
 } 1...g2-g4 2.Rc8-e8 d7*e8=Q 3.Rg1-g3 Qe8-h5 #

Promotions to wQ, model chameleon echo-mates (authors)

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black Rg1c8 Pd3f5 Kh4 white Pg2d7 Kd6
h#2.53 solutions(3+5)
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 22-04-2022
white Pg6c6b7 Kh5 Ra7 black Bf6e6 Re8 Pg7 Qd7 Ke7 Sf8d6
E1210See also version E1210a
Zlatko Mihajloski
SuperProblem, 22-04-2022
black Rg1e3 Kh4 white Pg2d7 Kc4
h#2.52 solutions(3+3)
Misha Shapiro
SuperProblem, 02-05-2022
black Pe5 Bd5 Kd4 white Kf2 Bc4 Pf6e6c6e4b2b3
h#2.5b) wPe6=bPe6(8+3)
E1209 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)4rn2/RP1qk1p1/2PnbbP1/7K/8/8/8/8

1.Sd6-f7 b7-b8=Q 2.Sf7-d8 {display-departure-square} Qb8-b4 # {,} 1.Sd6*b7 c6-c7 2.Sb7-d8 {display-departure-square} c7-c8=S # {,} 1.Qd7*c6 b7-b8=S + 2.Qc6-d7 Sb8-c6 #
E1210 (solution | решение)

Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia)8/3P4/8/8/2K4k/4r3/6P1/6r1 See also version E1210a

1...g2-g3 + 2.Kh4-h3 d7-d8=Q 3.Rg1-g2 Qd8-h4 # {,} 1...g2-g4 2.Re3-e8 d7*e8=Q 3.Rg1-g3 Qe8-h5 #

Promotions to wQ, self-blocks, model chameleon echo-mates (author)

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E1211 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro (Israel)8/8/2P1PP2/3bp3/2BkP3/1P6/1P3K2/8

a) 1...c6-c7 2.Bd5*e6 {! tempo (2.Bxc4? c8=Q 3.?? Qxc4#??)} c7-c8=Q 3.Be6*c4 Qc8*c4 # {,
   } b) bPe6 1...f6-f7 2.Bd5*c6 {! tempo (2.Bxe4? f8=S 3.?? Sxe6#??)} f7-f8=S 3.Bc6*e4 Sf8*e6 #

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Dmitri Turevski
SuperProblem, 19-05-2022
white Bd7 Sf8 Kd8 black Kh8 Bb8 Qa8
h#4one solution(3+3)
Gennady Ignatenko
SuperProblem, 24-05-2022
white Kg2 Sf2 Pe2 Qf6 black Pc2e3c3c4h5f5d6e7 Rh3f3 Qh4 Kf4 Bd5h8 Se6
E1214Dedicated to my grandson Artem
Vladislav Nefyodov
SuperProblem, 26-05-2022
white Pe4 Rd4 Bb4 Kf5 black Pg5g7c7 Re6 Bc6 Kb6
E1212 (solution | решение)

Dmitri Turevski (Russia)qb1K1N1k/3B4/8/8/8/8/8/8

1.Bb8-f4 + Kd8-e7 2.Bf4-h6 Sf8-h7 {!} 3.Kh8*h7 Ke7-f7 4.Qa8-h8 Bd7-f5 #
E1213 (solution | решение)

Gennady Ignatenko (Russia)7b/4p3/3pnQ2/3b1p1p/2p2k1q/2p1pr1r/2p1PNK1/8

1.e3*f2 e2-e4 2.Rf3-e3 Qf6*f5 # {,} 1.Qh4*f6 e2*f3 2.Qf6-e5 Sf2*h3 #

2 flight-giving key, Zilahi (author)
Предоставление двух полей чёрному королю, Зилахи (автор)

E1214 (solution | решение)

Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia) Посвящается моему внуку Артёму на 7-летие! За победу в турнире (классика) и в конкурсе решений мемориала А. П. Осачука, г. Анапа 30.04. – 05.05.2022 по своему возрасту.8/2p3p1/1kb1r3/5Kp1/1B1RP3/8/8/8

{B ->} 1...Bb4-f8 2.Re6-e7 Rd4-b4 + 3.Kb6-c5 Bf8*e7 # {,
    W ->} 1...Re6-e8 2.Bb4-e7 Bc6*e4 + 3.Kf5-e5 Re8*e7 #

Function exchange: bBc6/wRd4 (passive self-block/active guard-flights), wBb4/bRe6 (Zilahi + Maslar). Diagonal-orthogonal model mates with roentgen support through the kings! (author)

Перемена функций: bBc6/wRd4 (пассивное блокирование/активный подхват полей), wBb4/bRe6 (Зилахиi + Маслар). Диагонально-ортогональные правильные маты с поддержкой задней фигуры рентгеном через королей (автор)

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Ioannis Kalkavouras
SuperProblem, 04-06-2022
black Bf1c1 Rb1h4 Sa1c2 Pd2 Kd4 Qe5 white Sf2 Rc3 Ka4 Bd5 Pd7
h#2b) Sf2->g7(5+9)
E1216Valery Gurov, Georgy Evseev,
Vitaly Medintsev, Anatoly Skripnik
SuperProblem, 08-06-2022
white Rc4 Ba1a8 Pc2b5 Kb3 black Qb6 Rc6h4 Bc1e8 Sb2 Pe3e4e5c5e6 Kf5
h#3.5b) wRc4 = wSc4(6+12)
Araz Almammadov
SuperProblem, 20-06-2022
white Ka1 Pd2c2g3h4b5c6 Qd7 black Bg2 Sh3d6 Pe3c3 Rg5 Kd5
E1215 (solution | решение)

Ioannis Kalkavouras (Greece)8/3P4/8/3Bq3/K2k3r/2R5/2np1N2/nrb2b2

a) 1.Kd4*c3 + Bd5-c4 2.Kc3-b2 Sf2-d1 # {,} b) wSf2-->g7 1.Kd4*d5 + Rc3-c4 2.Kd5-d6 d7-d8=Q #

BK moves only × 2, exchange of functions (wRc3/wBd5, Captured / Guard + Interfering), play on the same square in W1 (author)

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E1216 (solution | решение)

Valery Gurov, Georgy Evseev, Vitaly Medintsev, Anatoly Skripnik (Russia)B3b3/8/1qr1p3/1Pp1pk2/2R1p2r/1K2p3/1nP5/B1b5

a) 1...Rc4*e4 2.Sb2-d3 {! (Kxe4?)} Ba1-d4 {!} 3.Kf5*e4 Ba8*c6 + 4.Ke4*d4 c2-c3 # {,
   } b) wSc4 1...Sc4*e5 2.Rc6-d6 {! (Kxe5?)} Ba8-d5 {!} 3.Kf5*e5 Ba1*b2 + 4.Ke5*d5 c2-c4 #

11 WCCT theme, subtle motivation of B2/B3 move order (authors)

Тема 11 WCCT, тонкая мотивация порядка 2-3 ходов черных (авторы)

E1217 (solution | решение)

Araz Almammadov (Azerbaijan)8/3Q4/2Pn4/1P1k2r1/7P/2p1p1Pn/2PP2b1/K7

1.Kd5-c4 Qd7*d6 2.Rg5*b5 d2-d3 # {,} 1.Kd5-d4 Qd7-e6 2.Rg5-c5 d2*e3 # {(MM),} 1.Kd5-c5 d2*c3 2.Bg2*c6 Qd7*c6 # {,} 1.Kd5-e5 h4*g5 2.Sd6-e4 d2-d4 # {(MM)}

Albino, Feather maneuver (author)

János Csák
SuperProblem, 22-06-2022
white Ra1 Sc2d3 Kg6 black Pf2f3 Ke4 Sb8 Ra8
h#22.1.. b) Pf3->d5 2.1..(4+5)
János Csák
SuperProblem, 22-06-2022
white Sf8 Ke4 black Qh8 Rg7f5 Bh7a5 Sc6a2 Pc5g5b4b3f3h3d2e2 Kb2
h#3.5b) Kb2->d1, c) Sf8->g8(2+16)
Miroslav Svítek
SuperProblem, 01-07-2022
white Kg2 Pe4 Bg8 black Pg3g4h5g5h7g7 Rh4 Se7 Bf8 Ke8
h#3b) bRh4 = wRh4 (3+10)
E1218 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)rn6/8/6K1/8/4k3/3N1p2/2N2p2/R7

a1) 1.Sb8-c6 Ra1-a4 + 2.Sc6-d4 Ra4*d4 # {, a2)} 1.Ra8-a5 Sd3-f4 2.Ra5-e5 Ra1-a4 # {
   } b1) bPf3-->d5 1.f2-f1=R Sd3-e5 2.Rf1-f4 Ra1-e1 # {, b2)} 1.f2-f1=S Ra1-e1 + 2.Sf1-e3 Re1*e3 #
E1219 (solution | решение)

János Csák (Hungary)5N1q/6rb/2n5/b1p2rp1/1p2K3/1p3p1p/nk1pp3/8

a) 1...Sf8-e6 2.Kb2-c3 Se6*g7 3.Kc3-c4 Sg7-e8 4.Qh8-c3 Se8-d6 # {,
   } b) bKb2-->d1 1...Sf8*h7 2.Sa2-c1 Sh7-f6 3.Qh8-h4 + Sf6-g4 4.Qh4-e1 Sg4-e3 # {,
   } c) wSf8-->g8 1...Sg8-e7 2.Kb2-a3 Se7*c6 3.Qh8-e8 + Sc6-e5 4.Qe8-a4 Se5-c4 #
E1220 (solution | решение)

Miroslav Svítek (Czech Republic)4kbB1/4n1pp/8/6pp/4P1pr/6p1/6K1/8

a) 1.Rh4-h1 e4-e5 2.Rh1-d1 e5-e6 3.Rd1-d8 Bg8-f7 # {(MM),} b) wRh4 1.g7-g6 Rh4-h1 2.Bf8-g7 Rh1-d1 3.Ke8-f8 Rd1-d8 # {(MM)}

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E1221ded. to the TT-265 participants
Misha Shapiro & Menachem Witztum
SuperProblem, 29-07-2022
black Rf1h5 Sd1d8 Bf2b7 Pc2b2a2h3a3d4e5 Qf3 Kc3 white Ph2d6 Re4 Kc5 Sc6
h#2b)-d) Kc3->d2,g5,c8(5+15)
Dmitri Turevski
SuperProblem, 10-08-2022
black Bc1g8 Pa3a5a6 Kc4 white Pd2a2 Ka4 Qd7
Zoran Gavrilovski
SuperProblem, 14-08-2022
black Pd5f4b5 Re7h6 Qh5 Kg4 Sg3b3 Bf3f2 white Rc5 Bc6 Kb6
E1221 (solution | решение)

Misha Shapiro and Menachem Witztum (Israel) dedicated to the TT-265 participants3n4/1b6/2NP4/2K1p2r/3pR3/p1k2q1p/ppp2b1P/3n1r2

a) 1.Kc3-b3 Re4*d4 2.Sd1-c3 Sc6-a5 # {(Rb4#??),} b) bKc3-->d2 1.Qf3-e2 Sc6*d4 2.Kd2-e1 Re4*e2 # {(Sd4-f3#??),} c) bKc3-->g5 1.Qf3-g4 Sc6*e5 2.Kg5-h4 Re4*g4 # {(Se5-f3#??),} d) bKc3-->c8 1.Kc8-d7 Re4*e5 2.Bb7-c8 Sc6-b8 # {(Re7#??)}

SuperProblem TT-265 theme

E1222 (solution | решение)

Dmitri Turevski (Russia)6b1/3Q4/p7/p7/K1k5/p7/P2P4/2b5

1.Bg8-f7 {! tempo} Qd7-h3 {(Qg7??)} 2.Bf7-d5 Qh3-c3 # {display-departure-square} 1.Bg8-e6 {! tempo} Qd7-g7 {(Qh3??)} 2.Be6-d5 Qg7-c3 # {display-departure-square} {,
 } 1.Bc1-b2 Qd7-d6 2.Bb2-c3 d2-d3 # {,} 1.Kc4-c5 Ka4*a5 2.Bg8-c4 d2-d4 #

HOTF 2x2. In the 1st pair, we have Hesitation with dual avoidance, in the 2nd pair - Chameleon echo mates (author)

E1223 (solution | решение)

Zoran Gavrilovski (North Macedonia)8/4r3/1KB4r/1pRp3q/5pk1/1n3bn1/5b2/8

1.Bf3-e2 Kb6-a6 2.Kg4-f3 Rc5*d5 3.Qh5-g4 Rd5-d3 # {,} 1.Qh5-h4 Kb6*b5 2.Kg4-h5 Bc6*d5 3.Bf3-g4 Bd5-f7 #

Black square vacation (2 x 2) with self-blocks (twice on g4 at the B3 move), indirect unpin of white pieces at the W1move, white battery creation on d5 and battery mates (author)

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Vitaly Medintsev & Anatoly Skripnik
SuperProblem, 24-08-2022
white Bg1f1 Pd3e5 Rh4h5 Kd4 Sb8 black Qa1 Sb2d7 Kb5 Ba5 Pe6 Rd8
E1225Ded. to Khurshidbanu Natavan
Vidadi Zamanov
SuperProblem, 25-08-2022
white Ka5 Pc4d3e2 Qc2 black Pc7d5g5 Kf6 Rg6h6 Sc5 Bh5
h#2.54 solutions(5+8)
E1226Dedicated to Agil Kangarli - 50
Vidadi Zamanov
SuperProblem, 02-09-2022
white Rh6 Ka4 Bh2 black Rh8c7 Pd7c6d6g5c4 Ke6 Bf6 Sh5f4
E1224 (solution | решение)

Vitaly Medintsev and Anatoly Skripnik (Russia)1N1r4/3n4/4p3/bk2P2R/3K3R/3P4/1n6/q4BB1

1.Sb2*d3 + Kd4*d3 2.Qa1*e5 {! (Q~?)} Kd3-c2 # {,} 1.Sd7*e5 + Kd4*e5 2.Rd8*d3 {! (R~?)} Ke5*e6 #

This is an improvement of Medintsev's work: yacpdb/572635

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E1225 (solution | решение)

Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan) Dedicated to Khurshidbanu Natavan8/2p5/5krr/K1np2pb/2P5/3P4/2Q1P3/8

1...c4*d5 2.Sc5-e6 Qc2-c6 3.Rg6-g7 Qc6*e6 # {,} 1...d3-d4 2.Rh6-h7 Qc2-e4 3.Rh7-f7 Qe4-e5 # {,} 1...e2-e4 2.Rg6-g7 Qc2-f2 + 3.Kf6-g6 Qf2-f5 # {,} 1...e2-e3 2.Kf6-e5 Qc2-g2 3.Rg6-f6 Qg2*d5 #

The white pawn on the first move opens a line for the Queen (three lines in total) and at the same time supports it on a mating move (author)

There is no thematic effect in the 4th solution (director)

E1226 (solution | решение)

Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan) Dedicated to Agil Kangarli - 507r/2rp4/2ppkb1R/6pn/K1p2n2/8/7B/8

1.Ke6-e7 Bh2*f4 2.Ke7-d8 Bf4*g5 3.Bf6-e7 Rh6*h8 # {,} 1.Ke6-d5 Rh6*f6 2.Kd5-c5 Rf6-f5 + 3.Sf4-d5 Bh2-g1 #

Chumakov theme, model pin-mates (author)

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Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
Solution | Решение

1.Kc7*b7 Rd6-d7 + 2.Kb7-a6 Rd7-a7 # {,} 1.Kc7*d6 c4-c5 + 2.Kd6-e6 Bb7-c8 # {,
  } 1.Kc7-b8 Bb7-a6 2.Kb8-a8 Rd6-d8 #

Zilahi Paradox (author)

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white Kf8 Pc4 Bd4b7 Rd6 black Kc7 Pd5
Ioannis Kalkavouras
SuperProblem, 04-09-2022
white Kh1 Rd1a5 Bc1 Sd8 black Kf6 Ra1 Ba2 Sh3e7 Pc3e4e5a6d6d7g7
h#2b) Se7->g6(5+12)
E1228See also version E1228a
Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
white Bb5d2 Rd4 Pc2 Kf6 black Pd3 Kc5
Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
white Pc3 Kd2 Bf1 black Kc7 Sc6c5
h#4.5b) Pc3->c4(3+3)
E1227 (solution | решение)

Ioannis Kalkavouras (Greece)3N4/3pn1p1/p2p1k2/R3p3/4p3/2p4n/b7/r1BR3K

a) 1.Ba2-b1 Bc1-f4 {(Rd4?)} 2.e5*f4 Rd1*d6 # {,} b) bSe7-->g6 1.Sh3-g1 Rd1-d4 {(Bf4?)} 2.e5*d4 Bc1-g5 #

Active Zilahi. Dual avoidance on W1. Line openings etc. (author)

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E1228 (solution | решение)

Cheslav Yakubovsky (Belarus)8/8/5K2/1Bk5/3R4/3p4/2PB4/8 See also version E1228a

1.Kc5*b5 Rd4-d5 + 2.Kb5-a4 Rd5-a5 # {((MM) ,} 1.Kc5*d4 c2-c3 + 2.Kd4-e4 Bb5-c6 # {((IM)}

Zilahi theme (author)

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E1229 (solution | решение)

Cheslav Yakubovsky (Belarus)8/2k5/2n5/2n5/8/2P5/3K4/5B2

a) 1...Bf1-b5 2.Sc5-d3 Kd2*d3 3.Kc7-b6 Kd3-c4 4.Kb6-a5 Kc4-c5 5.Sc6-b4 c3*b4 # {,} b) wPc3-->c4 1...Bf1-g2 2.Sc5-a6 c4-c5 3.Sc6-b8 c5-c6 4.Kc7-b6 c6-c7 5.Kb6-a7 c7-c8=S #

Тема Чумакова с активными жертвами черных коней. Отложенный эффект Умнова. Черно-белые последовательные эффекты «ушел-пришел» (автор)

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Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
white Ba3 Kf1 black Kb7 Pc7 Ba5 Re6b2
h#6.5one solution(2+5)
Zlatko Mihajloski
SuperProblem, 12-09-2022
white Pa3e2 Kf1 black Ra6c2 Pb6d5e5a4d4e3h3 Ka5 Sf4 Bc3b1 Qa2
h#6vone solution, try(3+14)
Cheslav Yakubovsky
SuperProblem, 21-09-2022
black Sf1 Ba2b4 Pe3e4 Kf5 white Ba1a4 Kd4
h#3.52 solutions(3+6)
E1230 (solution | решение)

Cheslav Yakubovsky (Belarus)8/1kp5/4r3/b7/8/B7/1r6/5K2

1...Ba3-c5 2.Kb7-c6 Bc5-e3 3.Rb2-b7 Kf1-e2 4.Kc6-d6 Ke2-d3 5.c7-c6 Be3-a7 {! (Bb6?)} 6.Rb7-d7 Kd3-d4 7.Ba5-c7 Ba7-c5# {(IM)}
E1231 (solution | решение)

Zlatko Mihajloski (North Macedonia)8/8/rp6/k2pp3/p2p1n2/P1b1p2p/q1r1P3/1b3K2

{Try: 1.Sxe2 ?? 2.Bd2 Kxe2 3.b5 Kd3 4.e4+ Kxd4 5.Rc5 Kxc5 6.Bb4+ axb4#
  } 1.Sf4-d3 {!} e2*d3 2.Qa2-c4 {(Re2?)} d3*c4 3.Rc2-e2 {!} Kf1*e2 4.Bb1-d3 + {! (Ba2?)} Ke2*d3 5.d5*c4 + Kd3*c4 6.Bc3-b4 a3*b4 #

7 active sacrifices (black x 6, white x 1) - a record? Hidden tempo-try, white Knist, model mate (author)

E1232 (solution | решение)

Cheslav Yakubovsky (Belarus)8/8/8/5k2/Bb1Kp3/4p3/b7/B4n2

1...Ba4-b3 2.Bb4-c5 + Kd4-c3 3.Kf5-e5 Kc3-b2 4.Ke5-d4 Kb2-c2 # {,} 1...Ba4-c2 2.Kf5-g6 Kd4*e4 3.Kg6-h7 Ke4-f5 4.Ba2-g8 Kf5-g5 #

Игра двух разных королевских батарей (автор)

Abdelaziz Onkoud
SuperProblem, 23-09-2022
black Pg2d3g6g7d7b7 Sg4e5 Kd5 Qc6 Re7e8 white Bc3 Kb3 Se4 Pd4f5b5b6 Rf6
h#2b) -Pf5, c) Rf6<->Pg2(8+12)
Abdelaziz Onkoud
SuperProblem, 23-09-2022
white Pg2e3a3d4 Bf5 Rc5 Kf8 black Ph3c3b5 Rf3a8 Kd3 Qe4 Bc4b4 Sh6e8
Pavel Murashev
SuperProblem, 26-09-2022
white Bb8 Ka7 Rf7a4 Pe6f5h4c2g2 black Sh8 Rg7e5 Pc6e3h3 Bd5e1 Qe4 Kf4
E1233 (solution | решение)

Abdelaziz Onkoud (Morocco)4r3/1p1pr1p1/1Pq2Rp1/1P1knP2/3PN1n1/1KBp4/6p1/8

a) 1.Qc6*f6 Se4*f6 + 2.Kd5-d6 Bc3-b4 # {,} b) -wPf5 1.Kd5*e4 Bc3-d2 2.d7-d5 Rf6-f4 # {,} c) wRf6<-->bPg2 1.d7-d6 Rg2*g4 2.Qc6*c3 + Se4*c3 #

Zilahi Cyclique. Cycle de pièce blanches. Cycle de pièces noires. Cycle de nature des pièces 1° coups blancs et noirs et des 2° coups blancs et noirs. Idée proche du thème d'Azemmour : DCRFPT aux 1° coups & RFPTDC aux 2° coups (author)

E1234 (solution | решение)

Abdelaziz Onkoud (Morocco)r3nK2/8/7n/1pR2B2/1bbPq3/P1pkPr1p/6P1/8

1.Bb4-a5 Rc5*c4 2.Kd3*c4 g2*f3 3.Qe4-d3 Bf5-e6 # {,} 1.Rf3-g3 Bf5*e4 + 2.Kd3*e4 a3*b4 3.Bc4-d3 Rc5-e5 #

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E1235 (solution | решение)

Pavel Murashev (Russia)1B5n/K4Rr1/2p1P3/3brP2/R3qk1P/4p2p/2P3P1/4b3

1.Rg7-g4 Rf7-c7 2.Re5*f5 Rc7-f7 # {(MM),} 1.Be1-g3 c2-c4 2.Qe4*f5 c4*d5 # {(MM),} 1.Rg7-g3 g2*h3 2.Sh8-g6 f5*g6 # {(MM)}

Cyclic pin-mates, model battery mates (author)

Pavel Murashev
SuperProblem, 26-09-2022
white Sd8d3 Kg8 Pe6c5b3e3e2h2 Rf3 black Qa7 Sh7e5 Kd5 Ph5e4f4h3 Rc4h4 Ba1h1
Mikhail Khramtsevich
SuperProblem, 27-09-2022
black Sf1e6 Ke3 Pd5c5d6c6f7e7 Bb6 Rd7g8 Qf8 white Pe4d4 Se5e8 Kb8
E1236 (solution | решение)

Pavel Murashev (Russia)3N2K1/q6n/4P3/2Pkn2p/2r1pp1r/1P1NPR1p/4P2P/b6b

1.Se5*d3 Rf3*f4 2.Sd3-b2 Rf4-f5 # {,} 1.Bh1*f3 b3-b4 2.Bf3-g4 Sd3*f4 # {(capture Pf4),
 } 1.e4*f3 e2*f3 2.Ba1-d4 e3-e4 # {,} 1.f4*e3 Rf3-f5 2.Rc4-d4 Rf5*e5 # {(capture Se5)}

Double Zilahi in a HOTF style: 1st pair - Zilahi + simple line-closing (b2, g4): 2nd pair - Zilahi + blocking + Grimshaw (d4) (author)

E1237 (solution | решение)

Mikhail Khramtsevich (Belarus)1K2Nqr1/3rpp2/1bppn3/2ppN3/3PP3/4k3/8/5n2

1.Se6-d8 e4*d5 2.Ke3-e4 Se5*c6 3.Ke4*d5 Se8-c7+ 4.Kd5*c6 d4-d5# {,} 1.Bb6-d8 d4*c5 2.Ke3-d4 Se8*d6 3.Kd4*c5 Se5-d3+ 4.Kc5*d6 e4-e5#

Double expression of the 11th WCCT theme in each solution. Pawn Zilahi. Kniest theme. Play on the same square in B1. Indirect unpin of the WSe8. W-B FML effects. Chumakov theme (2x2). Model mates (author)

Compare to the entries NN 48, 63 participating in the 11th WCCT (director)

E1238 (solution | решение)

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EXXX (solution | решение)

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EXXX (solution | решение)

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EXXX (solution | решение)

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